Pals host coronavirus-themed party with hazmat suits and Corona beer

These party animals aren’t letting the coronavirus pandemic get them down.

In fact, this group of New Jersey friends is outright embracing the outbreak and threw a COVID-19-themed bash Sunday complete with hazmat suits and Corona, the beer brand many confused Americans have mistaken for the virus.

“We love to have fun with the themes,” Jersey City native Alexandra, who withheld her last name, tells South West News Service, adding that the group wanted to take a “lighthearted” approach amid fears over the deadly virus.

The environmental worker, 31, and her husband, 35, invited eight neighbors over for a shindig with a dress code: Guests were asked to don shoe covers and face masks before entering the caution-taped door.

Alexandra says they “dressed up in hazmat suits, gloves and glasses” and played Pandemic, a board game which involves trying to stop a virus from consuming the globe.

Food and drink also followed the theme, with guests tucking into “coronavirus cupcakes,” “Quarantini” punch and a “Case-0” stew, named after the first person to be diagnosed with COVID-19.

Naturally, some might find holding a contagion celebration amidst a worldwide outbreak a tad insensitive, but Alexandra insists “we only did it to have a good time.”

“It was lighthearted,” she maintains, adding that they were just having a laugh.

Alexandra isn’t the first to turn epizootic lemons into lemonade. Instagram is inundated with coronavirus-themed image filters that some users are slamming as “completely inappropriate” due to the scope of the deadly disease.

On Wednesday, the World Health Organization declared coronavirus a pandemic as more than 120,000 people have been infected globally and more than 4,000 have died after contracting it.

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