People are laughing at the rude-looking nose on this homemade Christmas gonk

Gonks seem to be the unexpected Christmas trend this year, and with fans going wild for them, look set to stay.

One woman, who decided to say no to the likes of shop-bought gonks such as Aldi’s, made her own.

The woman made large versions of the Scandinavian festive creatures, using a garden hedge as the base.

But it was the nose she added on – a ball in a sock – that had people in hysterics.

Posting the finished product on the Facebook page Extreme Couponing and Bargaining, the woman herself couldn’t get over how the fleshy addition resembled another body part.

The poster wrote: ‘The nose is a bit suspicious but trust me it looked even worse before as it’s just a ball in a sock, but to start with you could see the seam across the top of the sock which looked hilarious…if you get what I mean.’

The woman wrote that the whole gonk had only cost her £4 to put together.

She had used a garden hedge as the frame, adding red tinsel and a cut-up plastic cloth to act as the signature gonk beard.

But it was the ball-in-sock masquerading as a nose that stole the show.

One person commented: ‘You might want to paint that nose a different colour. Maybe yellow’ and another said: ‘What did you use for the nose, an actual penis? Looks great. Couldn’t help but laugh though’.

Another wrote: ‘Bloody brilliant idea and genuinely looks good! But the nose has absolutely cracked me up, love it! Meanwhile, a third said: ‘Sounds like my type of gonk’.

Others enjoyed the poster’s creativity, adding: ‘The best post for a long time. Made me laugh with your sock story and smile at how great your imagination is to think this up, thanks for making my morning’.

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