People reveal their VERY cringe-worthy childhood photos

Call the fashion police! Hilarious snaps reveal the VERY cringe-worthy childhood outfits people would rather forget

  • People shared their embarrassing childhood photos a gallery on The Chive
  • Many were left cringing over their outdated fashion styles and haircuts
  • Others shared snaps from their fandom years as teenagers 

The 80s is often referred to as the decade that style forgot and these photos make it easy to see why.  

A hilarious new online gallery on The Chive has seen netizens share the cringe-worthy childhood fashion choices that they would rather forget.

Many people mocked their outdated hairstyles in the nostalgic photographs with a DIY bowl cut proving popular among the submissions. 

And poor style wasn’t restricted to haircuts with many sharing photos of their very daring fashion choices.

It wasn’t just the 80s that had it bad with 90s teens sharing their previously on-trend designer tracksuits on the site. 

Meanwhile teens in the grips of fandom shared photos of their dedication to cult programmes such as Star Trek.

Here FEMAIL has compiled the hilarious snaps sure to take you on a trip down memory lane.  

People from around the world contributed embarrassing photographs from their childhood to a gallery shared on The Chive. A woman posted an image of her most patriotic outfit of all time

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Another person shared a photo from their Star Trek phase, wearing a home made Captain Picard costume complete with bald cap

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One man described his old photo as a ‘bowl cut and man hands’ as he posed in his early teens

An teen shared a snap of their edgy haircut which saw their entire head shaved aside from their fringe 

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