Pervy brother-in-law forced his hand up my skirt — should I tell my husband?

I’m 34 and my husband is 40. His brother is 38 and he’s always making sexual comments. He’s a creep.

His wife recently had a baby and his inappropriate behaviour has got worse.

My car broke down while my husband was at work so he asked his brother to pick me up. My baby niece was in the back of the car but he kept talking sexually and then touched my leg. I was shouting “No!” but he carried on going higher.

In the end I shoved his hand away and yelled, “Leave me alone else I’m going to tell your brother.” He backed off. I am not sure whether to tell my husband because I know he will react badly.

DEIDRE SAYS: Your reaction may be enough to stop him, but this wasn’t a one-off. Imagine hearing he’s done the same to someone younger and less forceful. You’d never forgive yourself for effectively covering up for him.

But of course it is going to shock the family.

First talk over how to handle it with Rape Crisis. (, 0808 802 9999).

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