Pet owners share hilarious cat SHAMING snaps of their beloved felines

Bad kitty! Owners shame their mischievous moggies with hilarious social media posts capturing their very WORST behaviour

  • Instagram account cat_shaming collects photos of misbehaving moggies
  • Their owners see the funny side and snap pictures to share with animal lovers
  • The photos show cats chewing on blinds, ruining games and scratching people

These naughty cats might have thought they would be able to get away with their bad behaviour – but their owners had other ideas. 

Mischievous moggies of all shapes and sizes were snapped by their patient humans as they broke the rules. 

Many of them couldn’t resist climbing on the blinds or furniture, often becoming stuck in the process. Meanwhile others were captured staring down the camera lens after leaving a room in disarray. 

The images, taken around the world, have been compiled on  Instagram account cat_shaming collects and posted on 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples… 

Pharaoh the cat was clearly very happy to treat his patient owners as he pleased

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The adventurous cat later found himself stuck between the blind and the air-con vent 

Cheeky cat Pepper seems to be very interested in his owner’s phone – and leaves a selfie

Monopoly can be a tense affair at the best of times but that doesn’t stop the cat from playing

Polly the cat looks terrified after falling through the ceiling – but her owner has no sympathy

George Washington the cat wants to be his owner’s sole focus – even when she’s asleep

A grumpy looking Lacio looks to have been caught in the act of stealing food from its owner 

Despite the cat’s owner saying it has no regrets, Cake the cat looks like he is suffering after his daring heist of the fridge and his brother’s prescription food 

Jade’s cheeky behaviour could have had disastrous consequences for both her and her owner after she turned the gas stove on

Scrappy the cat is another cheeky feline and its owner shared how the cat liked to flush the toilet during the night – proceeding to wake up the entire house

Biggie the cat is an old-fashioned Romeo and took an interest in the neighbour’s cat – chasing her through her house before leaving a surprise under her owner’s bed

Christmas is the season of joy and Filo the feline seems absolutely enchanted with some of the decorations put up by its owner 

Molly’s owner seems less than impress with his cat after she managed to climb on top of a ladder and get stuck, before crying out for help

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