Playful Chimps at Georgia Sanctuary Enjoy the First Snowfall of the Season — See the Pictures!

It's the first snowfall of the season, and these chimpanzees are going bananas!

On Tuesday, the primate residents of the Project Chimps sanctuary in Georgia enjoyed a day of playing outside in the snow after the first flurries hit the ground in the southern Appalachian Mountains.

Several chimps at the sanctuary including Almasi, Amy, Collin, Harley, Jermaine, Kareem, Ronald, and Noel were photographed walking through the snow-covered Peachtree Habitat and enjoying their time in the cold weather.

While some of the chimps explored the snowy woods, many of them were more interested in snacking on the snow than playing in it.

"People always ask us how the chimpanzees respond to snow, and the answer is, they love it!" Ali Crumpacker, the executive director at Project Chimps, said in a release.

She explained that for the chimps, eating the snow is the "best treat ever!"

Some of the chimps were so excited to taste the snow that they dove in headfirst for a bite — see Collin below.

Other chimps sat in pairs to take in the winter scenery while some noshed on lettuce instead of taking interest in the snow.

According to Project Chimps, the sanctuary is located on 236 acres of forested land in the Blue Ridge Mountains of northern Georgia.

The sanctuary boasts tons of space for the former research chimpanzees to explore, including a forested, six-acre habitat in which the animals can forage, climb and play with no caging overhead.

There are currently 78 chimpanzees living at the sanctuary, but the charity expects to soon house over 200 chimpanzees from private research facilities.

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