Portland Art Curator Donates Proceeds from Her Online Gallery to Feeding America Food Bank

Though she has her own struggles to worry about, the Oregon-based art curator says having this project to focus her attention on has been beneficial.

“We’re still very much in an unknown territory,” she says. “But reinvesting in ourselves and remembering that we’re going to get through this [is how we will keep moving forward.]”

At this time, De Camille says she does not have an expected end date for the partnership in mind, but that she anticipates it continuing at least until the pandemic has ended.

“I’m letting this go its course,” she explains. “Even if [the pandemic] were to end tomorrow, people would still be needing the support, help, and food for weeks and months after. I don’t mind it being past the point where we’re forgetting to wear a mask anymore.”

For those who do purchase a piece from her gallery, De Camille hopes they always look back on it with a sense of remembrance.

“Like the ‘Never Forget’ [phrase] from 9/11,” she explains. “We all went through this together. We all went through this time that we couldn’t be together, that we were in fear of getting sick or affecting everyone else.”

“I hope they’ll look up at their art and know they were part of giving back and helping when it was most needed,” De Camille continues. “A lot of people look up at a piece of art and think, ‘I spent too much for that’ but now, at least they’ll have something that they’ll never regret having purchased.”

“You can never regret having purchased something that you’re gonna enjoy and helped someone else, and kept artists on their feet,” she adds.

Those interested in buying artwork from De Camille’s Cool Art House to benefit Feeding America can do so here.

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