Prince Charles’ ‘Touching’ Gesture Towards Meghan Markle That Was Spotted By A Reporter, Per ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

A royal reporter named Rebecca English for The Daily Mail tweeted about something she spotted while at the public area of the Clarence House, which is where Prince Charles lives, according to Harper’s Bazaar. She saw “a framed black and white photograph…of the Prince of Wales walking his soon to be daughter-in-law, Meghan Markle, towards the altar at St George’s Chapel.” Rebecca added that “It was very touching – and shows how much the moment meant [sic] to him.” In the midst of all of the negative coverage about Meghan that’s been released recently, this positive news is something refreshing for fans to hear.

Of course, the reason that Charles walked Meghan down the aisle had its own set of drama. Markle’s dad, Thomas, was supposed to be the one doing so. However, he had to pull out due to a surgery, which meant that Prince Harry asked his dad, Charles, to step in. Charles reportedly happily obliged.

The moment being cherished by Prince Charles would likely mean a lot to both Harry and Meghan, especially the latter, who has been facing a huge task of becoming acclimated into the British royal family. Not that it’s appeared to have fazed Markle at all, who’s already been very involved with her first charity work with the Hubb Community Kitchen.

Plus, Meghan is already pregnant with her first child with Harry, which was highly speculated among royal fans for weeks before the official announcement.

The news that Charles is showing affection for Meghan with the portrait comes after reports that he is a “big fan” of her, according to royal TV producer Nick Bullen as detailed by the Daily Express.

“From what I know, [Charles] is a big fan of Meghan Markle. He just wants his boys to be happy. He knows those boys have had a rough life with his marriage falling apart in front of the whole world. And Meghan is making Harry very happy. And that makes the Prince of Wales happy. He wants what every father would want for their son.”

And while there appears to be ongoing tension between Meghan and her biological father, it might come as a huge consolation to know that she has the support of her royal father-in-law.

The American Markle family continues their drama, meanwhile, as relatives call each other names and accuse one another of degrading the family’s status. Only time will tell how the debacle may unfold after the birth of Meghan’s first baby.

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