Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Photos All Have This 1 Thing In Common & It’s So Sweet

I honestly thought that after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married my royalty fever would go away, but honestly, once you catch it, there is no going back. So, of course I am just as fully invested in what appears to be the totally solid, if most outwardly reserved of the royal couples, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton. While they tend to be less overt in their body language, there are still some really sweet and subtle things you can pick up in Prince William and Kate Middleton’s photos together if you know what to look for. For instance, if you pay close attention, their photos almost always have one sweet detail in common: They are totally in sync with one another.

This couple stays busy, and so most of the time when they are being photographed they are on the move, but what stands out is how they are almost always perfectly in lockstep. “This shows that they have a balanced dynamic in their relationship,” body language expert Lisa Mitchell tells Elite Daily. “They are almost always walking in step with each other showing that they are comfortably in sync with each other. They’ve settled into a confidence with each other where they are comfortable holding pace as equals.” Aww, I knew there was a reason I always love seeing these two together.

What stands out the most to Mitchell is just how balanced their energy is in the photos and how comfortable they are together on the world stage. “There is a sense of balance and partnership in how they interact in public. Kate seems confident in her presence, as does Will and they seem comfortable keeping a fair amount of space between them signaling a level of trust and independence with each other," Mitchell says. She adds that they are both comfortable independently, as well as working as unit. “They don’t feel the need to lean on or towards each other and both maintain their own space confidently. You see this when they are with the children as well, working in partnership and still in sync, but each trusting the other to care for the children,” she observes.

Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, tells Elite Daily she also sees that the couple makes a strong and comfortable team in the way they move. “They’re always in step,” she notes. “That speaks to a relationship that’s really tight. And when they have the kids they’re in step too!,” says Brown.

In addition to walking in sync, Brown points out that they also seem to be able to focus on things as a team. “The other thing I notice is that they’re either looking at the same thing or looking at each other. That’s a really cool dynamic. Total support for each other!,” she says.

But perhaps what is most endearing about photos of the royal couple together is what is lying just beneath the surface, Mitchell explains. “There is a bit of formality between the two of them when it comes how they use their space and particularly in the lack of touching, hand holding, or leaning in towards each other, but there is also a warmth displayed between them in the form of genuine smiles and a sense that there is perhaps an inside joke going on between the two of them," she notes. "Will is more animated where as Kate is more reserved with her gestures and expressiveness but the dynamic seem comfortable and genuine.”

This fits perfectly with Brown’s overall assessment of the couple: “I think they have a connection that most people long for. And that’s what makes them so fun to watch.” Hard agree.

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