Princess Margaret never ‘forgave’ Queen Mother for ‘bone of contention’ with sister

Princess Margaret: Birth registration was 'delayed' says hosts

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Tonight, a programme titled: ‘Elizabeth & Margaret: Duty & Devotion’ is airing at 7PM on Channel 5, detailing the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret. Christopher Warwick, Princess Margaret’s authorised biographer, took part in the programme. He wrote ‘Princess Margaret’ in 1983, and was quite close to the royal, having had many private conversations with her.

He provided insight into the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and her sister, for tonight’s documentary.

The expert revealed education was a major “bone of contention” between Margaret and the Queen.

He said: “Princess Elizabeth immediately became heiress presumptive at 10 years old and it was felt that what she needed to be instructed in was constitutional history, European history, and the man who was chosen to do that was Sir Henry Martin, who was the vice provost at Eton College.”

At this stage in their lives, the sisters had always been educated together.

But when their father became King George VI in 1936, the sisters were split up for their education because they had to be taught different things.

Margaret carried on learning piano and French, while Elizabeth was taught about the constitution in a separate room.

The expert continued: “I was talking to Margaret about it on one occasion and she said ‘I don’t mind telling you it was a bone of contention’.

“And I said ‘Well, it was very short-sighted wasn’t it because your grandfather King George V was the second son, your father King George VI was the second son, you were the second child but a heartbeat away from the throne Elizabeth inherited.’

“‘Yes I know,’ she said, ‘It’s very short-sighted.'”

Another expert, Hugo Vickers, said: “Margaret did resent her lack of education and she blamed her mother for it very much.

“I don’t think she ever quite forgave her to be quite honest.”

The comments came to light in ‘Elizabeth & Margaret: Duty & Devotion’ on Channel 5 tonight, a documentary exploring the sister’s relationships.

It charts their close childhood, adulthood and the real relationship between the royal sisters.

Princess Margaret is now regarded as an iconic royal, helped by the portrayals of the Princess in The Crown by Vanessa Kirby and Helena Bonham Carter.

Since Margaret’s teenage years, she had been known for her wit, her appetite for a party, and her beauty.

She was a larger-than-life figure in the Royal Family and often caused some scandals among courtiers and members of the public.

Known as a royal rebel, she helped solidify this reputation with her wedding tiara, the documentary revealed.

While most royals opt to wear their family tiara for their wedding, Princess Margaret did not.

She bought the Poltimore tiara herself, which perfectly complemented her trademark beehive hairdo for her 1960 wedding.

She bought it for £5,500 in 1958, which is the equivalent of £106,765 in 2019.

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