Property quiz: Can you match the outside of a home with its interior?

Don’t judge a home by its cover! Take our quiz to see if you can match the front of the property after taking a peek inside…

  • How many questions in our match the house and interiors quiz can you get right?
  • Featured properties include new builds as well as historic castles 
  • Interiors include ultra-modern designs as well as more traditional ones

Can you guess what the outside of a property looks like simply from what we reveal about the inside? 

We step inside seven homes around the country to find out what their interiors are like – and to find out if you can match these with the correct exterior.

For example, can an ultra-modern interior fit a converted church, or should historic buildings only have decorative windows and ceilings?

Perhaps there are no rules about mixing different styles, as some interior designer experts explain.

Try our quiz to see if you can match the property to these interiors

Rachel Clark of interior designers Alexander James, said: ‘When it comes to interior design, there really are no boundaries. 

‘The interior of a property doesn’t necessarily have to follow the style of the exterior as you would expect. 

‘There is something quite enchanting about walking into a rustic, country style barn conversion to find a modern, contemporary interior – where old meets new.’

Alexander James Interiors has worked on a diverse range of properties, from a Grade II Listed Converted Chapel featured in BBC 1’s ‘Call the Midwife’, to contemporary new build apartments in London and Edinburgh. 

Miss Clark added: ‘While many clients want the interior of their property to reflect the exterior and be consistent with the property’s heritage, many also want a contrasting interior to reflect their own personality and write the next chapter in the property’s history.’

It comes as estate agents warn against dismissing a property for sale based on its external appearance.

Could this modern interior belong to a castle or church conversion?

Should historic buildings only have decorative windows and ceilings?

Jeremy Leaf, a North London estate agent, said: ‘You might dismiss an old house because you don’t like that style, only to discover that it conceals a modern interior which does appeal to you. Try and look at the whole picture – not just the front.’

Take the quiz 

We’ve presented the interior images in a quiz, giving you a range of photos to match with the correct house.

Try our quiz and see how many matches you can you guess correctly.

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