Prue Leith’s filthiest innuendos as GBBO judge’s ‘two hole squirt’ gaffe makes bakers snigger

Great British Bake Off judge Prue Leith took her innuendos to a whole new level in the latest episode.

Pastry week saw the amateur bakers cook up tricky pies, laminated baklava and deep fried "chouxnuts" (which are just posh doughnuts to the rest of us!).

Prue has a reputation for dirty comments on the much-loved show, and last night included some of the rudest of them all.

Upon inspecting George’s creation, Prue gave some eyebrow-raising advice about filling doughnuts.

The 81-year-old said: “Quite often I need two holes so that I can squirt.

“You squeeze the bag. When you meet that little bit of resistance, it usually means it’s full.”

To celebrate Prue’s filthy mind, we’ve picked out her greatest innuendos from her time on GBBO…

'Very large nuts'

Who can forget Prue’s ballsy remark in 2020’s biscuit week?

In the eleventh series, Prue and Paul Hollywood set bakers a tricky task: 36 chocolate Florentines with a perfect snap.

Baker Mark from Liverpool opted for larger nuts in his biscuits, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

While Paul commented: “It looks a little bit lumpy,” Prue had a bit more to say.

Surveying the biscuit, she remarked: “I remember worrying a bit about your very large nuts.”

‘Do you flour your finger?’

GBBO offered it’s filthiest innuendo-filled episode to date in 2017, and Paul was just as bad as Prue.

During the eighth series, a technical challenge saw the bakers make a cottage loaf.

Paul, who set the task, explained to Prue: “It’s all about making both balls quite tight.

“The way I do it is to drive my finger right the way through to the tray underneath.”

If that wasn’t dirty enough, Prue quipped: “Do you flour your finger?”

Paul replied, chuckling: “I could oil it.”

A fairy mountain

Paul and Prue were on top form in the first episode of series 10.

Project manager Helena Garcia presented the judges with her fairy garden cake, but Paul fatally misheard her and thought she had said 'furry garden'.

“How big is your, uhh, fairy garden?” he asked.

Then Prue saw her moment, describing the cake as “more like a fairy mountain.”

But that wasn’t all as Prue went on to admit “dribbling” at the mouth over one of the cakes, with Noel begging her: “You’ve got to stop saying that!”

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