Real Reasons To Stand Someone Up, According To 7 People

Is it ever OK to stand someone up? I’m going to go ahead and say yes — you never know the circumstances, and maybe someone did something that deliberately made you uncomfortable. Also, you may truly have had an emergency that you’re not comfortable sharing with them. There may be many reasons to stand someone up, so I asked people if they’d ever been in this situation. Keep in mind that when not showing up for a date, sending a quick text can be a show of consideration on your part. But perhaps, hearing these stories can give some context into what circumstances make it more likely.

I’ve also been stood up on dates, and it’s definitely not fun. Still, I try to understand that things come up, and, while it’s nice to know earlier, I personally prefer it to being on a date with someone who doesn’t want to be there. But in the end of the day, rejection is part of being human — no matter how much it sucks. These seven stories can serve as a reminder that this sort of thing happens to everyone.

Read on to find seven reasons why people stood up their dates.

1. Too Expensive

— Molly, 24

2. Too Selfie Too Soon

— Lex, 21

3. The Web Series Red Flag

— Katy, 26

4. Don’t Forget To Text

— Zannah, 20

5. Netflix And Sleep

— Michael, 28

6. Testing The Terrain

— Dana, 23

7. Harry Happens

— Taylor, 28

If you’ve ever stood someone up, you’re not alone. Even though getting stood up can really, really blow, the stories suggest that there may be all kinds of reasons why someone might stand someone else up (so if you get stood up, know that it’s not necessarily your fault). And either way, it’s all part of the dating process! It can be messy, but it’s ultimately — it’s so worth it.

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