‘RHONJ’s Kathy Wakile Reveals Why She Won’t ‘Waste’ Time Trying To Reconnect With Teresa Giudice

Kathy Wakile gave HL the EXCLUSIVE update on her relationship with cousin, Teresa Giudice, but it still doesn’t appear the women have made amends after all these years.

It has been nearly seven years since Kathy Wakile called Teresa Giudice’s father “a coward” and her mother “a f***ing liar.” But the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star gave HollywoodLife an EXCLUSIVE update on Kathy’s relationship with Teresa while promoting her classes with Remington College in Memphis which begin October 17. We asked Kathy if being off the show since her full-time departure in 2013 has helped mend fences with her cousin. “No. She made her position quite clear,” Kathy explained. “I’ve made my position quite clear, that I’d try and, my life is very full, and so I’m not going to waste my time with trying to make something work that isn’t going to work.”

Kathy and her husband Richie Wakile spent a lot of time together with Teresa and husband Joe Giudice during their stint on the hit Bravo reality show. However, Kathy explained that relationship has suffered lately, as well. “Yeah, my husband has spoken to Joe a while back, but lately, no,” she revealed. As Joe awaits the appeal process while being held in ICE, we wanted to know how Kathy felt Teresa was holding up and doing with everything going on. “I really couldn’t speculate,” Kathy said. “It seems to me she’s doing… Seems to be doing fine. Whatever you see out there is what I see. I don’t check in. That chapter seems like it’s closed, and I’m doing other things. My children and my husband and my family keeps me pretty busy, so I keep concentrating on that.”

Kathy joined the women on the RHONJ as a full-time housewife during the third season and there seemed to be tension between the cousins from the start. Things came to a head during the season 4 reunion when insults were exchanged and both women made hurtful remarks about each other’s parents. Kathy apologized at the reunion and Teresa accepted, leaving RHONJ fans hopeful the women would make amends. But in season 7 when Kathy was a part-time “friend” of the show, the cousins sat down and Teresa said she wanted to “cut the cancer out” after she was released from prison and claimed Kathy never reached out to her during her time behind bars. “I’m glad that we got closure,” Teresa said. “I’m done. I’ve just reached my breaking point, I’ve had enough.”

Meanwhile, Kathy has been focusing on her family including her two kids, Victoria, 25, and Joseph, 23. She’s also been gearing up for her cooking classes, as well as her restaurant, Pizza Love in New Jersey, and her cannoli kits which are available online at kathywakiledesserts.com.

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