Riz Ahmed Has An Idea For That Ms. Marvel Movie — And It Involves Two Of Your Fave Celebs

In the wake of news that a Ms. Marvel movie could be coming to the big screen soon, a few famous fans of the Pakistani-American superhero are ready to make it happen. On Twitter on Tuesday night, The Night Of actor Riz Ahmed offered to write the Ms. Marvel script, along with Ocean’s 8 star Mindy Kaling and The Big Sick actor and screenwriter Kumail Nanjiani, which sounds like a cinematic dream team.

It all began when Ahmed wrote, "So when do @MarvelStudios want me @mindykaling @kumailn to get started on the MsMarvel screenplay?" Soon after, Kaling responded with enthusiasm, tweeting, "Riz! I am obsessed with this comic book, I’ve read them all. I love Kamala Khan," referring to the character’s alter-ego.

The writer of the comic book series, G. Willow Wilson, responded to the actors in awe: "I may have have fainted," along with a heart-eyes emoji. One of the character’s co-creators, Sana Amanat, also suggested Kaling and Wilson collaborate on a comic book, and invited the actor to swing by Marvel offices when she’s in New York.

Amid the conversation, Ahmed made sure to defer to Wilson and Amanat as the experts on the movie, adding with a fist-bump emoji:

While there’s no confirmation as to whether or not the actors will be involved in the creative process, their excitement is representative of the general fan reaction to news that the studio was working on bringing Ms. Marvel to movie theaters.

In an interview with the BBC, the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, said that the company was developing a film based on the character to be released after the upcoming movie, Captain Marvel, which will star Brie Larson.

In a clip re-posted to Twitter on Friday by user @StaarksHeart, Feige said,

In the books, Kamala Khan discovers her powers and takes on the Ms. Marvel title from her hero, Carol Danvers, when she becomes Captain Marvel. The character, who was Marvel’s first Muslim superhero, has become a fan-favorite, and while Feige gave very few details about the movie adaptation, Ms. Marvel’s admirers — like Ahmed and Kaling — took to Twitter to voice their enthusiasm.

Fans were not only excited to potentially see one of their favorite heroes on-screen, but also thrilled about what this means for Muslim and Pakistani-American representation. In all caps, one user @NYMARIASTARK wrote,

Similarly, @m1nwa tweeted, "MS. MARVEL! We’re getting a MUSLIM SUPERHERO MOVIE you guys! With a FEMALE LEAD! No one knows how happy this makes me. I hope the MCU does her justice, I’m so happy & ready to be represented & see a female Muslim superhero movie :’)," while @fauxsnatchedwig wrote,

Captain Marvel is set to be released in March 2019, and following the record-breaking success of Avengers: Infinity War, Feige told the Associated Press that Marvel is planning on rolling out new movies through 2025. At the moment, there’s no telling for sure when a Ms. Marvel movie will be released, but here’s hoping that Khan, Kaling, and Nanjiani might be involved somehow.

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