Royal Mail releases a series of new cat stamps – and they're adorable

Cat fans rejoice.

Royal Mail has released eight new stamps celebrating our feline friends, showcasing them in all their glory.

The stamps picture cats looking cute, stretching, stalking and snoozing.

The most popular domestic cats in the UK, from pedigree breeds to moggies, were selected for the new special designs.

Cats that feature are a Siamese, tabby, ginger cat, British Shorthair, Maine Coon, a black and white cat, a Bengal and a tabby and white – highlighting just how diverse some of the 10 million cats in the UK look.

David Gold at Royal Mail, said: ‘These beautiful stamps showing cats being cats, show why as a nation, we are besotted with them.

‘Their enchanting, independent and quirky ways are perfectly captured in these images that all animal lovers will adore.’

As well as appreciating their cuteness, the Post Office has treasured cats for their ability to chase away mice – as between 1868 and 1984 several cats were formally employeed to do this.

Now today, roughly one in four UK households own a cat, so Royal Mail expects this collection to melt the hearts of many.

The special series was created alongside animal expert, Tamsin Pickeral, for an expert eye.

The new stamps can now be bought from the Royal Mail website, and prices range from £12.96 for a presentation pack to £15.15 for a souvenir cover.

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