Rugby star Matt Banahan terrifies his wife with killer clown prank

Rugby player terrifies his wife after he pranks her by dressing up as a 6ft 7′ killer clown (but her fear soon turns to fury when she realises it’s him)

  • Former England rugby star Matt Banahan is known for pranking wife Rebecca 
  • And with Halloween in sight, he chose a killer clown mask for his latest jape 
  • Cutting a spine-chilling figure, Banahan, 33, hid and recorded his wife’s reaction 
  • Clip has had more than 84,000 views since Banahan posted it earlier this week 

A former English rugby star with a penchant for mischevious pranks has seen a Halloween scare on his other half go viral. 

Matt Banahan, 33, who plays for Gloucester but has turned out for the national side, shared a video of himself donning a terrifying killer clown mask, and then hiding in the utility room of his family home.  

Like every victim in a classic horror movie, Banahan’s wife Rebecca innocently enters the room to put on a load of washing…only to find a 6ft 7′, 18-stone killer clown lying in wait.

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Former England rugby star Matt Banahan, 33, lies in wait dressed as a 6ft 7′ killer clown as his wife Rebecca enters the utility room at their family home to put on a washing load

When Rebecca spots the spine-chilling figure in the corner, she lets out a huge scream before gasping for breath

Standing in the corner of the small room, the winger cuts a nerve-jangling figure in the Joker mask, with deep black triangles for eyes and an exaggerated mouth plus a flock of bright red hair adding to the creepiness. 

Jester Banahan then recorded his wife’s reaction when she was faced with the towering Halloween figure. 

When she sets eyes on her husband, she’s clearly terrified and emits a shrill scream.

The clip has already been watched by more than 84,000 people on Twitter.  

Lifting the mask: Rebecca and Gloucester rugby player Matt pictured in 2018

Still giggling to himself, Banahan removes the mask as Rebecca looks on

Revenge: a furious Rebecca whacks her husband around the head with a teatowel 

When he removes the silicone mask and she realises it’s her prankster other half, she catches her breath again before hitting him around the head with a teatowel in frustration. 

Sharing the clip on Twitter, Banahan wrote: ‘Don’t think the wife enjoyed doing the washing tonight’.

The rugby star, who last played for England in 2011, has form in scaring his partner, with whom he shares three children, having regularly conjured up ways to prank her. 

Fans watching this one said his latest practical joke was ‘amazing’ with Radio One star Greg James quipping: ‘Would have been proper scary without that silly mask on.’

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