Savvy shopper reveals how she saved £52.50 on paint

Savvy shopper reveals she paid just £8 for paint that should have cost £77 – by picking up ‘clearance’ pots that were mixed for other customers and never picked up

  • Ashleigh Kisby-Duffy, from Cheshire, revealed hack to get cheap paint at store
  • Told how she found rejected mixed paints on the clearance at her local B&Q 
  • Paid £8 for four pots of paint instead of £77 for full price, saving £69

A savvy shopper has revealed how she saved £69 on paint by picking up clearance pots from her local B&Q.

Ashleigh Kisby-Duffy, from Stockport, Cheshire, took to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK and bought four pots of unwanted paint at her local B&Q for £8 instead of £77.

She shared a photo of the array of paints with a reduced price tag and explained how they had been custom-mixed for special orders, but had never been picked up by the customers who paid for them.  

Ashleigh Kisby-Duffy, from Stockport in Cheshire, told how she saved an impressive £69 on paint by buying pots that had already been mixed but had never been picked up. Pictured, the clearance shelf at her local B&Q store

The savvy-shopper’s receipt showed she paid just £8 for four pots of rejected paint, rather than the £77 it should have cost

Ashleigh shared her tip with the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group and explained how she discovered it by chance at her store (pictured)

Alongside a snap of the receipt as evidence, the UK charity worker penned: ‘I bought a 2.5l blue paint from B&M yesterday for £11 and today I got four paints for £8. Should have been £60.50.’ 

However the prices on the receipt suggest the total price should have actually been £77. 

And it wasn’t long before the post, which has racked up more than 2,200 likes and 1,100 comments, was inundated with praise.  

‘OMG I need to try this,’ enthused one, while a second penned: ‘Wow! Great bargain… paint is so expensive.’ 

The UK charity worker (pictured) described her tip as a ‘big hack’ and recommended others to follow her advice in purchasing clearance paints 

A third commented: ‘This is amazing! Remind me after payday.’

However, many who were left impressed by the saving hack pointed out it’d only be handy if they found a colour they liked. 

Meanwhile, others were one step ahead of the game and were quick to think up another cheeky trick.  

Bargain-savvy shoppers loved the hack, while others caught onto the idea and joked how they could order the paint they wanted, not pick it up and have their significant other buy it at a reduced price

They suggested buying the paint they wanted mixed, not pick it up and then ask a significant other to buy it at a reduced price.

‘Better yet, get the one your want pre-mixed, don’t show up, then buy it later at a muchhhh cheap price, simple,’ one wrote, while a second added:

‘So in theory I could go in ask them to mix the colours I want, don’t pick them up and then go back a week later and buy them a fraction of the price, winning.

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