Scorned woman gets revenge on ‘cheating’ boyfriend – by covering flat in glitter

A woman took revenge on her "cheating" boyfriend by throwing tubs of glitter all over his apartment.

Holly posted the act on TikTok and shared screenshots of their conversations on her account to shame her partner after she learned that he had allegedly been sleeping with someone else.

The clip, accompanied with Carrie Underwood's song Before He Cheats, shows the scorned girlfriend pouring vials of colourful glitter on the carpet floor.

Furniture in the living room is covered in green and gold glitter and the bathroom is filled with tiny silver sparkles.

Holly adds a royal blue glitter as a final touch before leaving the apartment.

Her video has raked in more than 22 million views since she posted it on Tuesday, January 12.

The furious woman wrote: "It’s not key his car in 2021… no, it’s glitter his EVERYTHING 2021."

In other videos she showed screenshots of the conversations with her boyfriend.

He wrote: "I should told you a while ago and I'm sorry that I didn't… but glitter? That's childish as f***.

"You literally made a TikTok and my family saw it. My brother's p***ed it's his apartment technically."

Holly replied: "So he is ghosting me and not giving back my things.

"And sleeping with [redacted] and I at the same time."

The video has left viewers split, with some loving the revenge while others saying the woman would feel better by just moving on.

One wrote: "This is the level of passive aggressive we should all aspire to be. Harmless, yet so harmful."

Another said: "She woke up today and chose glitter."

"Walk away and love yourself," a third penned. "Let’s be good people."

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