Scorpio February horoscope 2021: What’s in store for Scorpio in February?

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From decluttering and redecorating to assessing your day to day habits, February is going to be about your home life, Scorpio. chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Libra February 2021 predictions.

Scorpio February horoscope 2021

On February 4, the Moon’s Last Quarter is in your zodiac sign, Scorpio.

The Last Quarter Moon is where the Moon appears to be sliced in half in the sky, one side in shadow and one in light.

Bex said: “This is traditionally a time for forgiveness, cleansing and letting go.

“The Last Quarter Moon presents a powerful opportunity to turn our energy towards decluttering – both our physical spaces but also any negative energy we might have picked up during the lunar cycle.

What are you holding onto that you no longer need? It could be a toxic friend who makes no effort with you or even just a load of clothes that don’t fit you.

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The Last Quarter Moon is happening in your sign and Bex said this is significant.

She explained: “This Last Quarter Moon is occurring in Scorpio, making it the perfect time to see where you’ve been hard on yourself recently or have expected too much and become frustrated with your progress.

“Offer yourself forgiveness and use this period as a reminder that it’s essential to trust the process.

“If things are taking their time, then there’s likely to be a very good reason for this in retrospect.”

It’s Aquarius season and the big events of this month are occurring in Aquarius.

Bex said there’s a meeting of several planets including Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter, which is known as a stellium.

She said: “There is some friction expected as Mars in Taurus will be forming a square aspect to these planets throughout the month, and square aspects generally signal lessons learnt from the tension and disruption this brings!

“For you, this might be felt within your home life – you might have a sudden urge to redecorate, or something might break and need to be repaired.

“You could even find yourself considering moving or have a dramatic change of attitude towards your house!”

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The change may not be physical, you might change something in your home life.

Bex said: “This may also manifest itself in an alteration of the established structure in your family life.”

Perhaps someone might move in or out, or maybe they’re just changing the way they go about their routine.

Although there will be some tension, Scorpio people will fill the role of peacemaker this month.

Bex said: “You’ll feel drawn to creating a harmonious, nurturing environment this month.

“Although known for being one of the more intense signs of the zodiac, February brings a desire for peace, stability and co-operation.”

Whether you’re single or not, Valentine’s day is going to be relaxed and low key.

Bex said: “Your ideal Valentine’s Day this year will be spent in the cosiness of your home surrounded by all your favourite things, enjoying a romantic meal or soppy film.

“Let your nostalgic side come out to play and go through old photos and love letters – it can be majorly cathartic!

“If you’re single, do exactly the same but enjoy your own marvellous company.

“Make your favourite childhood meal, throw on a movie you’ve not watched for years and treat yourself to flowers or chocolate. You definitely deserve it!”

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