Seductive 'Chin Shelf' is newest Instagram pose popular with celebs

Say hello to the "Chin Shelf" – the latest trend that’ll help you nail the perfect "sultry" selfie – and it couldn’t be easier.

From "Love Island"'s Amber Davies and Olivia Attwood, to selfie queen Khloe Kardashian, there's a new Instagram pose on the rise and all it takes is the lift of a finger.

Say hello to the "Chin Shelf" – the latest trend that'll help you nail the perfect "sultry" selfie – and it couldn't be easier.

If you want to up your social media game, listen up, because this new pose is a game changer – especially if you're a fan of a close-up selfie shot.

The Chin Shelf is the latest bizarre pose loved by celebrities – and all you have to do is lift one finger and place it under your chin.

Yup, it's that easy. For extra bonus points, a subtle head tilt and slightly parted lips will have the sultry look nailed.

It's certainly building momentum online, with heaps of influencers, celebs and bloggers being huge fans of the pose.

While it might seem like an odd pose to pull, it's actually pretty genius.

According to a study from last year, while 48 percent of women take up to five selfies before choosing the perfect snap, eight percent admitted to taking as many as 15.

Not only is the Chin Shelf perfect for resting your head in between shots, it also accentuates the facial features and is a more flattering approach to the "head in hand" pose, which can sometimes cause the chin and cheeks to crease.

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