Seven-Year-Old Selling Lemonade to Pay for Her Own Brain Surgery Raises $260k

“If there is anyone who can take lemons and make it to the most amazing Lemonade ever, it is Liza,” he mother shared.

A seven-year-old Alabama girl who opened a lemonade stand to help pay for her own brain surgery has raised more than $260k.

After suffering a grand mal seizure on January 30, Liza Scott was told by doctors that she had not one but three different cerebral malformations on her brain: a Schizencephaly (a cleft), a Parietal Arteriovenous Malformation (an aneurysm) and a Dural Arteriovenous Fistula — a very rare vascular condition where abnormal connections are made between branches of arteries and veins.

Her devastated parents were informed that she needed immediate attention to prevent further seizure, hemorrhage, or even stroke.

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“If there is anyone who can take lemons and make it to the most amazing Lemonade ever, it is Liza,” he mother shared on her MightyCause page.

So that is what Liza did, quite literally.

Her mom built her a lemonade stand in the family bakery — Savage’s Bakery — so she could sell her sweet treats in an effort to help pay for her own surgeries.

Word of the brave girl’s battle soon spread, and thus far she has raised more than $260,00, in sales and donations.

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Her first surgery is scheduled for Thursday, in which she must fly to Boston Children’s Hospital. Her mom Elizabeth says that on top of the money, the family have been offered free flights and free accommodation while they are there.

“You have no idea how loved we feel,” Elizabeth told CBS42. “It’s been overwhelming, but amazing. It’s kind of allowed me to step away from some of the emotions.”

“But at the same time, it’s emotional in a different way, because I never expected any of this,” she added. “America is really… really great.”

As for Liza herself, she says that after she recovers from her surgeries, she intends to continue selling lemonade to help other children in similar situations.

“I’m still nervous but I’m getting better!” she said.

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