Sharon Osbourne tears up talking about Ozzy’s health struggles, canceled tour: ‘He just feels terrible’

Sharon Osbourne got emotional while talking about husband Ozzy Osbourne’s recent health struggles.

She opened up about the Prince of Darkness’ health hurdles on “The Talk” Monday, from his hospitalization due to flu complications in February to a fall earlier this month.

“He, at the beginning of the year had a bad flu that went to bronchitis, that went to pneumonia and when he had the flu he came out of hospital and he had a bad accident at home,” she explained. “He fell. He fell in the middle of the night…”

She explained that the fall was made worse by the fact he aggravated years-old injuries from a 2003 accident.

“Years ago, previously, he’d had a motorbike accident… where he was in a coma for days,” she said. “What he’d done was, he’d re-injured his back and neck and shoulders and all of the metal rods that were put in his body were dislodged – so we had to cancel his year of dates.”

She assured fans that he’s recovering.

“He’s good, he’s fine, he’s great,” she said.

The talk show host got teary when talking about Ozzy’s tour cancellations.

“He just feels terrible,” she said. “He says it’s the only thing he’s ever done right in his life is performing.”

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