Skip Halloween: You Have To See Justina Blakeney x Target's Holiday Collection

You’re not confused. It’s still October. No costumes have been worn. No turkey has been cut, nor sweet potato served. It’s true that we just jumped to Christmas on you and we’re not sorry about it. Holiday cheer is here early!

Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow™ and Target’s Opalhouse™ have rolled out the first holiday collection in their multi-year partnership, which began in June. As to be expected from the beloved aesthetic of Jungalow™ pieces, there’s a lot of tassels, color and rich textures, but with a festive twist that works in your home well before Christmas.

“For the Opalhouse designed with Jungalow holiday collection, I wanted to help guests create a warm, cozy and vibrant space that offers good vibes during the winter months, as well as fun, festive, non-traditional holiday pieces that work for everybody, no matter how you like to celebrate,” Blakeney says.

Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™ is offering more than 80 new pieces for guests, from fun decor for mantles, trees, couches and more. Prices for the line start at $5 and most are available for under $30.


We’re big fans of shifting our space to fit the season. As we get further into the late fall and winter months, we’ll definitely be looking to integrate some of the collection’s most fun and quirky items into our homes. We’re obsessed with the tassled natural bath mat, some of the quirkier throw pillows (do I see a camel with a Santa hat on!?) and the glossy candleholders in different shapes and heights. But there’s so much to fall in love with from Opalhouse™ designed with Jungalow™ rollout, which is live now. Check out the stuff we’re looking to covet to bring in the holiday season as obnoxiously early as possible!

See more of the holiday offerings as well as what’s available from the inaugural collection over at

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