‘SNL’: Jerry Seinfeld, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Rock & More Crash Tina Fey’s Monologue

Absolutely hilarious! All of Hollywood showed up to hilariously pick host Tina Fey’s brain on the ‘SNL’ season finale! Check it out right here!

For Saturday Night Live‘s last show of the season, they chose beloved alum Tina Fey, 48, and kicked things off by fielding questions from the audience during her opening monologue! There’s just one caveat: the audience was literally filled with celebrities! Everyone from Jerry Seinfeld, to Fred Armisen, to Chris Rock to Benedict Cumberbatch posed some insane questions and we’re still dying! Robert De Niro who starred as Robert Mueller in the opening sketch even returned! Tracy Morgan wishing Tina a happy birthday was also amazing! However, our favorite appearance had to be Anne Hathaway, who was just excited that De Niro was there! Love it!  Check out more photos from season 43 of the hit show right here!

Although SNL is better known for its sketches and prerecorded shorts, nothing showcases a performer’s sheer ability like the opening monologue. Take Amy Schumer‘s visit on May 12 where she revealed that she kinda hated her wedding proposal from now-husband Chris Fischer! “I got my married and my now-husband’s proposal was so worthless,” she said. “It was such a dumb proposal. It was the morning. I was still asleep. He threw the box at me and said ‘I got you this.’ But that’s a realistic proposal, you know.” We’re speechless!

And let’s not forget the one and only Tiffany Haddish‘s visit in November. That’s when the rising star shared some invaluable advice for all the guys in Hollywood who were facing allegations of sexual harassment. “Look fellas, I got a tip for ya’ll,” she told the studio audience and viewers at home. “Let’s call it Tiffany’s tip. It’s a tip tip. Listen fellas, if you got your thing thing out and she got all her clothes on, you’re wrong!” Simple and yet so right! Get used to see a lot of this amazing woman!

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