Social media influencers share the truth behind their pictures

The camera DOES lie! Social media users reveal how their glamorous Instagram snaps are all a matter of striking the right pose (and clever filters)

  • Social media users shared side-by-side ‘posed vs reality’ pictures online
  • Reveal how posing, camera angles and filters all contribute to the ‘perfect’ shot 
  • They were praised by fans, who shared the snaps on Bored Panda 

Social media feeds are filled with snaps that have been edited to perfection. 

But these side-by-side shots reveal what people look like away from the filters, FaceTuning and careful posing. 

The ‘Instagram versus Reality’ snaps, shared by fans on Bored Panda, illustrate how social media users from around the world can look completely different without the tricks of smart phones and photo apps. 

 Some fitness fans reveal their toned physiques are enhanced by considered angles, while others show how much of a difference a facial expression makes. 

The ‘Instagram versus Reality’ snaps, shared by fans on Bored Panda, show social media users and influencers from around the world both with and without the edits. This woman, from an unknown location, showed how styling her clothes and changing her pose alters her looks 

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Another influencer demonstrated how a facial expression, posture and camera angles all contribute to creating a ‘perfect’ photo (right). It is not known where the woman is from   

One Reddit user shared an image of a social media influencer embracing her stretch marks and said it was ‘so refreshing to see’. It is not known where the photo was taken

Another social media user said they had ‘mad respect’ for this fitness instructor for showing her cellulite (right) that is otherwise hidden by clothes. It is not known where she is from

Another user shared how the slight adjustment of a skirt had the ability to hide everything. It is not known where this photo was taken

Meanwhile a make-up influencer, from an unknown location, told others how she used to heavily photoshop (left) her pictures before deciding to accept her natural skin (right)

One Instagram model showed her followers how the way she posed helped present an inaccurate image of herself. It is not known where the woman lives

Another Instagram influencer showed how she like everyone else had both ‘good’ (left) and ‘bad’ (right) days. It is not known where this woman lives

Another Reddit users shared a side-by-side image of the social media user who had decided to share her insecurities with the world. It is not known where the photo was taken

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