Spoilers: Levi's lie, Shane lashes out and more in Neighbours

Desperation and tension are two emotions running high in Ramsay Street this week as several of the Neighbours face some tough challenges that could change life as they know it. Shane is still spiralling downwards as he turns back to drugs, and Aaron and David face yet another battle for Emmett. It never rains but it pours!

When Bea (Bonnie Anderson) is caught in a desperate situation she is forced to tell a huge lie that will affect her and Levi (Richie Morris) big time – will she be found out?

David (Takaya Honda) and Aaron (Matt Wilson) are terrified when yet another face comes forward to claim Emmett (Ezra Justin). Are they fighting a losing battle of keeping the teen in their lives?

Shane’s (Nick Coghlan) world is crumbling every day as his addiction gets worse but he fails to get help and fails to admit it to himself. But when things take a terrible turn his family are forced to act. Can a desperate Toadie (Ryan Moloney) get through to his brother?

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) and Pierce (Tim Robards) are left in a tricky situation when they still fail to see eye to eye. Both have pregnant Chloe’s best interests at heart, but can they put their differences aside to support her?

And Ned (Ben Hall) is getting himself into a bit of a situation as he gets wrapped up in the Fandangle site. Does he have any idea what he’s got himself into?

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Levi and Bea in huge lie

When Levi realises his medication prescription has been destroyed he panics, he needs those drugs but has to work. All he can think to do is turn to Bea and beg her to get the prescription. Without it, his life is in danger. The wait for Bea triggers his anxiety and Yashvi notices something is up. She follows Levi as he sneaks around and catches him whispering with Bea.

Later she confronts Bea who is caught off guard and finds herself spinning a huge lie – that she’s Levi’s secret girlfriend. The lie gets complicated and Yashvi is even more confused given that Levi had told her he’d never date Bea because of her baggage. Yashvi decides to share this hurtful information with her friend, leaving Bea gutted as she heads off to Switzerland.

Pierce and Nicolette butt heads

As Nicolette takes on her role as Fay’s carer, she finds she can’t ignore her feelings and sway towards Chloe. When Pierce tells pregnant Chloe she’s taking on too much, Nicolette goes against him, unwittingly putting her job on the line. She and Pierce realise they can’t keep this situation up and Nicolette questions whether she should quit. As Chloe and Jane learn of the stalemate she and Pierce are in, they both separately try and convince her to stay. How long before Nicolette is forced to tell the truth?

Is Ned in danger?

Ned is loving the popularity of his Fandangle account, but is he putting himself in a risky situation? Yashvi points out the obvious, his fans seem to be more into his body than his art, but he tries to quell her concerns by reminding her he’s showing off his work. Is he in denial or just totally naïve as to what he’s got himself into?

Someone else wants Emmett

Aaron and David were concerned when Emmett’s brother and then his mother showed up in the street with plans to take him away – being so aware that the teen is vulnerable they know that they can’t let it happen. David suggests a day of fun for Emmett after everything he’s been through, but their ideas of fun don’t match up. Crestfallen David tries one last attempt at bringing their day back on course and he’s elated when his idea of a PS4 games night comes through – only for a phone call to come that destroys everything when it confirms someone else is out to get Emmett back.

The protest

Harlow is seriously worried about Mackenzie’s protest plans. Despite losing the backing of Susan, she’s determined to go ahead and Harlow knows it will really anger Paul, leaving her stuck in the middle. But Mackenzie goes ahead and livestreams the event, leaving Paul fuming, just as expected. Harlow is caught between the two and in the awful position of having to pick sides. But whose will she pick?

Desperate Toadie stages intervention for Shane

Shane is in a bad place having failed with his withdrawal attempt. Roxy is so far keeping his secret, but Dipi is suspicious. She follows him and tracks him down to a road in West Waratah where he has met his dealer, although she misses the exchange. Dipi plans to confront him about what’s going on but misses her moment. Exasperated, she later breaks down in tears, which Roxy sees. It tugs at her conscience and she decides to confront Shane herself, but there’s no telling him. He absolutely loses it at Roxy, viciously verbally abusing her and leaving her shaken. Kyle arrives as this happens and gives Shane a serve, then goes straight to Dipi about her husband’s behavior. Shane is ashamed of his behaviour and Toadie decides there is only one thing for it – to stage an intervention and force him to face the man he has become. But they still have no idea about the drugs – will Shane finally crack and spill the truth?

Scenes air from Monday 31st August on Channel 5.

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