Spoilers: Shane's relapse, Bea rejection, and Ned's sexy deal in Neighbours

It’ll prove a tricky week to navigate for Shane, Aaron and David, Bea and Nicolette in Neighbours. The only person getting some good news is Ned, but even he doesn’t realise what he’s letting himself in for.

Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda) have some troubling competition when it comes to Emmett (Ezra Justin). His mum is in town and is ready to fight hard to get him back – are they about to lose him?

Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) suffers a huge setback in her quest to bed Chloe (April Rose Penguilly). But after she’s already put the wheels in motion, will it be too late?

Shane (Nick Coghlan) is living on a knife edge with his drug addiction and when things get too much, he makes a devastating decision, threatening his marriage.

Ned (Ben Hall) comes up with a cheeky way to earn some extra money, but is he getting himself into something that’s way over his head?

And Bea (Bonnie Anderson) suffers a heartbreaking setback while Chloe faces up to her mum’s deterioration.

Here’s what’s ahead in Neighbours.

Jenna to fight for Emmett?

Emmett’s mother Jenna has scored a job with Paul and although Paul gives her a hard time at first, he softens after Terese gives him a telling off. But this is worrying for Aaron and David; the more she gets her life on track the bigger the risk they have of waving goodbye to the teenager they’ve grown fond of. They also fear if things fall apart for her again, it will push Emmett back into a bad place. It’s lose lose for the couple.

Emmett is excited for his mum’s new job but is quickly left devastated when he learns she’s back to her old ways, which he tries to keep to himself. Aaron and David pick up on something bothering him and try to cheer him up, which causes him to come clean about what he knows. Now Aaron and David have a decision on their hands – do they dob her in and break Emmett’s heart?

Nicolette learns the awkward truth

Nicolette has bitten off more than she can chew by offering to be a live in nurse for Chloe’s mum Fay. She’s only doing it because she fancies Chloe, and it’s a mistake we can see coming a mile off. After she moves in, Pierce discovers she’s gay and is left seriously uneasy. He realises this is not a good idea at all, but can he fire her over her sexuality? He may not have to, Nicolette is horrified to learn Chloe is pregnant and is well and truly off the table. But Nicolette has already moved in. Life is about to get pretty unbearable for the lovestruck newbie.

Shane’s relapse threatens his marriage

Shane is having a rough ride of it with his withdrawal from drugs. Roxy is trying to support him but their secret meet ups rouse Dipi’s suspicions. Shane reaches breaking point while battling his withdrawal symptoms at the same time as trying to keep everything secret from Dipi and he does the worst possible thing – turns back to drugs to escape the pressure. He tries to avoid Roxy to protect his dark secret, but she’s not stupid and when faced with the opportunity she goes through his bag and finds a huge stash of pills. But disaster strikes when Shane catches her and flips.

But Shane’s rage causes him to forget that Roxy was being a friend and keeping his secret. Now that he’s given her a verbal dressing down, will she reveal the truth to Dipi?

Sex sells for Ned

Ned has an idea for how he can make his photography work for him – he floats an idea with Yashvi that he posts his sexy ‘arty’ pictures online. It’s art, surely nothing can go wrong!

It’s a shocker then that Ned is somehow completely thrown when one admirer of his ‘art’ sends him a risqué request on Fandangle. But instead of turning it down, Ned considers the money.

Bea mortified by Levi’s rejection

Bea is starting to have feelings for Levi and she confides in Yashvi. This is a huge deal, Bea hasn’t felt anything for anyone since Finn, and she wasn’t sure she ever would again. Yashvi is over the moon for her pal and decides to suss out how Levi is feeling. Shockingly, he thinks Bea is off limits as she has way too much baggage. Bit Harsh. Yashvi tries to gently break the news to Bea but there’s no easy way of telling someone they’ve been rejected. Bea is mortified having gone over the top with her flirting to attract his attention. Will this make her give up on men for good? Could it prove seriously damaging for Bea?

Chloe’s sadness as Fay gets worse

With Nicolette in place, Fay arrives in Erinsborough ready to move in with Chloe. Pierce and Hendrix are shocked when she turns up – she’s deteriorated markedly and concerns grow for Chloe being able to care for her while pregnant. Nicolette comes through, impressing them with her nursing skills and she cements Pierce’s faith in her abilities when she stops Hendrix from making a mistake with Fay’s care. Nicolette can stay, but could this be a mistake for Pierce? And how will Chloe cope with her mum?

Scenes air from Monday August 24 on Channel 5.

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