Stop car windows from freezing all winter with solution that lasts six months

Standing outside attempting to breathe life back into our hands as they thaw over during an attempt to de-ice our car windows is all too familiar.

The cheap spray-on de-icers never seem to do the job and we've usually forgotten to buy a scraper before the cold weather sets in, leaving us to battle the ice armed only with a flimsy bank card.

If you're fed up of having to wake up earlier to clear your car, a new solution promises to banish windscreen ice for good.

Halfords autocentres are offering to treat cars with Duxback, which lasts for up to six months and will stop frost sticking to your windows in winter, as reported by Manchester Evening News .

The product was initially developed for Boeing cockpit glass and creates a 'hydrophobic' effect, which also helps to 'dramatically improve visibility in the rain'.

The website claims water will run straight off, so if you are travelling faster than 40mph ' you won't even need wipers'.

The treatment costs £25 and options include windscreen and front side windows, and full car.

The Halfords website states: "Duxback is a professional-quality car glass treatment that makes driving safer.

"Originally developed for the airline industry, Duxback causes water to 'bead' on glass, dramatically improving visibility in the rain.

"What's more, it makes cleaning much easier, and prevents frost sticking to your windscreen in winter."

You can book your car in for the treatment here .

While you wait to get that sorted, one man's genius solution to beat the ice has gone down a storm online – and it keeps your hands warm, too.

Instead of using a can of de-icer and a scraper, Daniel Harris fills a sandwich bag with warm water.

He then simply drags it over the windows and watches the ice melt immediately, leaving others to wonder why they haven't been using the method for years.

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