Tattoo enthusiast shows what he looked like before extreme body modifications

A young father has revealed what he looked like before extreme body modifications.

Colombian father Raiden Dos Caras has gone to great lengths to completely change his appearance – going as far as to get his nose chopped off and horns inserted into his head.

He has also had his ear removed, his tongue split and undergone scarification branding.

Raiden – who has been nicknamed the ‘skull of two faces’ – estimates that he has spent approximately £12,000 on body modifications.

People often ask the tattoo enthusiast what he looked like before he had all of the work done, so he's uploaded a variety of before shots on Instagram.

He said: "If they ask me if I have photos with my face without tattoos, yes I do but I was 17 years old."

The 24-year-old had his first tattoo done when he was just 12 years old and has since undergone 25 body modifications.

Raiden is always planning for more as it is his goal to become the most modified person in Latin America.

While his wife Angie Khaterine, 24, doesn't mind the work he gets done, the same can't always be said for his three-year-old daughter Alice.

“My daughter is young, so she still doesn’t express herself much – but she does worry whenever I have surgery," he said previously.

"She hopes that I will be fine, but I usually bounce back into my normal, healthy self as if nothing happened quickly.”

Unfortunately, not all of his followers are fans of the body modifications he's had done either.

Whenever Raiden has uploaded a photo of what he looked like previously, he has people commenting on how they prefer how he used to look.

"From beauty to beast," one person said.

"You were so handsome. But now…" wrote another.

A third person added: "U were beautiful."

Referring to an old picture of Raiden, a fourth said: "Much better than now."

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