Text messages reveal VERY unreasonable demands from online shoppers

When haggling goes wrong! Text messages reveal VERY cheeky demands from online shoppers – from asking for a 250% discount to requesting a FREE Apple Watch because ‘selling it is just greedy’

  • My Health Gazette has rounded up of text messages from around the world
  • One online shopper asked to buy a computer worth $1,000 for just $25 
  • Another person asked the seller of a microwave to cover their travel costs  

It’s never been easier to make money from selling unwanted items online, but these text exchanges reveal dealing with customers can be more trouble than its worth.

My Health Gazette rounded up a selection of messages from around the world that have gone viral on the internet because of online shopper’s shocking requests and attempts at haggling.

One conversation that took place in the US saw an online shopper attempting to buy a $1,000 computer for just $25, a discount of 250 per cent, while another interaction shows a man asking the seller of a microwave to cover the cost of his travel to pick it up. 

Elsewhere, someone tried to blag a free tattoo on the basis the artist ‘wasn’t even famous’. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the cheekiest examples from bargain hunters with brass necks. 

My Health Gazette has rounded up a selection of messages from around the world that show shocking exchanges with online shoppers – including one in the U.S who wanted to buy a $1,000 computer for just $25

Have mercy! A student, who lives in the U.S, attempted to guilt trip a seller into giving them a $250 Gucci bag for just $50

A man, who lives in Ontario, begged the seller of a microwave to cover his travel expenses after finding out where the electronic item is located 

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One person sent a tattoo artist a paragraph blasting their art work after learning that they charge commission 

Another individual who lives in the U.S was left stunned after an online shopper attempted to lower the agreed price because they bought baby food

No relaxation! An online shopper in the UK unexpectedly blasted a seller who took longer than five minutes to reply to their message 

Say what? One person, who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, was left baffled after being contacted by a potential car buyer who messaged using slang 

Another individual, who lives in the Louisville Metro area, left Craigslist users disturbed after revealing that they can’t be around minors but want to buy Girl Scout cookies

Looking for a hand out! An eBay shopper from the US labelled a seller ‘greedy’ for selling an old Apple Watch instead of offering it for free, but generously agreed to pay for shipping 

One online shopper accused a seller of ruining their children’s Christmas because they refused to reduce the price of a car 

Another individual also pleaded with an online shopper to lower their asking price as a gesture for Christmas 

An online seller in the U.S double checked what a buyer was hoping to obtain after receiving a very unexpected enquiry 

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