The 13 Coolest Gifts for the Ultimate Frozen 2 Fan in Your Life

With the release of the highly anticipated Frozen 2 on Nov. 22 came a whole new selection of movie-themed merchandise. With a fanbase of all ages (and even dogs!), there’s a sure-to-please option for every Frozen fan on your list.

From designer shoes to family-friendly board games, here’s a look at some of the best Frozen-inspired gifts to buy this holiday season.

Frozen 2 Monopoly

The classic board game gets a magical, wintry twist with this special edition featuring all of your favorite characters. Choose to play Elsa, Anna, Hans, Kristoff, Olaf or Sven as your game token and round up your family for some friendly competition. This version even comes with a surprise, a snowflake token, that players can use to mark their property — and make patrons pay double the rent.

Buy it! Hasbro Frozen 2 Edition Board Game, $9.99,

Elsa and Anna Fashion Dolls Set 

If you can’t choose between Elsa and Anna, you’re in luck. This set includes two dolls, plus three dresses for each. The sisters also come with two pairs of shoes and an accessory to complete their stylish outfits — and Queen Elsa has a crown, of course. While the dolls come dressed in their Frozen 2 attire, the other two dresses in the set throw it back with fashions from the first film.

Buy it! Hasbro Frozen 2 Fashion Dolls Set, $59.36,

Disney Frozen 2 Pop Adventures Series 1 Blind Box

Pop open this diamond-shaped surprise and reveal its secret contents along with a burst of confetti. When your  Frozen fanatic opens the box, they’ll be greeted with one of 12 characters packed into a reusable case that’s perfect for transporting their new Frozen 2 doll on the go. The boxes vary, but some of the characters included are Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Mattias, Honeymaren, Queen Iduna, Olaf and Ryder.

Buy it! Hasbro Frozen 2 Pop Adventures Series 1 Blind Box, $4.99,

Ultimate Arendelle Castle Playset

Frozen 2 dolls need a home, and that’s where this playset comes in — standing five feet tall, with seven rooms and an elevator, it’s truly fit for Arendelle royalty. The pastel castle features accessories like a piano, dining table, two beds and a throne, and it comes equipped with Northern Lights inspired twinkling lights that shine when a doll uses the elevator. Creative touches like a red carpet and a fireplace in the library make it a perfect home for Elsa and Anna.

Buy it! Hasbro Ultimate Arendelle Castle, $159,

Trouble Frozen Board Game

Trouble gets the Frozen treatment with this game, which stars the fan-favorite snowman Olaf. In a chilly twist, players use real ice to play this game, freezing Olaf molds to use as game tokens — and they have to make it to the end of the game before melting. With an action die that includes options like warming up the icy token in a player’s hands or breathing warm air onto it, the challenge is on. And you can play without worrying about making a mess; the game is made with a waterproof board designed to catch any water and keep your playing space clean.

Buy it! Hasbro Trouble Disney Frozen Olaf’s Ice Adventure Game, $14.99,

Sister Styles Anna Doll

For the aspiring hairstylist or beauty blogger, this doll is a perfect match. Anna comes with extra long hair made for braiding, brushing and styling. The set comes with a gold comb to smooth out the doll’s locks before using the braiding tool on them, which makes it easy to create gorgeous hairstyles. The doll also comes with accessories like six hair elastics and two clips, and is available in an Elsa version, as well.

Buy it! Hasbro Disney Frozen Sister Styles Anna Fashion Doll, $28.29,

Kristoff Doll

This doll brings fan-favorite Kristoff to life. He’s ready for action with plenty of options for different poses and opportunities for adventure. Kristoff comes dressed in his outfit from Frozen 2, with a removable shirt and boots, and is the perfect companion for Elsa or Anna dolls.

Buy it! Hasbro Disney Frozen Sister Styles Anna Fashion Doll, $25.90,

Shoes fit for Royalty

Inspired by the film, this collection of shoes from fashion designer Ruthie Davis is wearable art for grown-up Frozen fans. Her Folk Art heels feature soft burgundy suede embellished with a gold leaf pattern, making them ideal festive footwear this holiday season. Davis’ Frozen 2 collection also includes platform sneakers, stilettos and booties, all with special touches from the movie.

Buy it! Ruthie Davis x Frozen 2 Folk Art Heels, $598,

Scünci Hair Accessories 

From classic bows to casual scrunchies, this collection will add a little sparkle to any outfit. The options range from decorative, like a headband with a built-in veil or a hairtie complete with an Anna hair extension, to more everyday styles, like a mini hairclip set and a sequin scrunchie for a touch of glitter.

Buy it! Scünci Frozen 2 Hair accessories, $13 and under,

Kipling Frozen 2 Backpacks

Take Elsa, Anna and Olaf on the go with these offerings from Kipling. All your favorite Frozen characters combine with wintry snowflake motifs and woodland designs on backpacks, pouches and crossbody bags. You’re sure to be the coolest in the room with anything from this collection.

Buy it! Kipling Frozen 2 Collection, $49 and up,

Havaianas Flip Flops

If the cold does bother you, look no further. For Frozen fans drawn to warmer weather, these summery sandals are a no-brainer. Take Elsa and Anna to the beach with this pair from Brazilian company Havaianas, a favorite of celebs like Jamie Chung. This kids pair comes in two color options: Autumn Rose and Blue Frost, both featuring glittery straps for some added shine.

Buy it! Havaianas Kids Frozen 2 Flip Flops, $20,

Sing & Swing Olaf

Forget traditional stuffed animals — bring Olaf to life with this toy that’s both fluffy and fun. Press a button on his hand and he’ll light up, sing and even move, swaying side-to-side along with the music. Along with his song from the Frozen 2 soundtrack, Olaf also speaks some of his best-known phrases from the movie.

Buy it! Target Exclusive Disney Frozen 2 Sing & Swing Olaf, $24.99,

Frantic Forest Game

Can’t get enough of Frozen‘s most lovable snowman? Check out this easy-to-learn game made for even the youngest of the family, with no reading necessary. With Olaf hidden in a forest tree, players have to hang snowflakes on its branches to try and reveal his hiding spot. Whoever has the snowflake that unlocks the tree and launches Olaf into the air is the lucky winner.

Buy It! Target Exclusive Disney Frozen Frantic Forest Game, $19.99,

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