'The Circle': A Popular 'Big Brother Canada' Star Reportedly Joins Season 4 Cast

Nearly a year after the reality competition show crowned James Jefferson the winner, Netflix’s The Circle will return for season 4 in a three-week event. In the minute-long trailer, viewers think they heard distinctive voices and believe they’ve uncovered at least one memorable personality from Big Brother Canada. Additionally, the former houseguest has “liked” several comments claiming she would appear in the show.

‘The Circle’ Season 4 premiere date on Netflix announced

Marketed as “the spiciest season ever,” The Circle Season 4 premieres on Netflix on May 4, 2022, at 3 a.m. EST.

Comedian Michelle Buteau will likely return as the host who narrates the players’ everyday lives and breaks down the twists for the viewers.

For the first three seasons, the winners earned $100,000, but there’s a possibility that whoever wins season 4 could walk away with a bigger check.

The first four episodes drop on Wednesday, May 4, followed by four more episodes on May 11 and another four on May 18. On May 25, the finale premieres, and the top influencer will be crowned in front of the other competitors.

‘Big Brother Canada’ star Victoria Woghiren, among others, is reportedly joining ‘The Circle’ Season 4 cast

Netflix announced the new season with a teaser uploaded to Twitter. In the minute-long clip, various hashtags appear on the screen, including “no filter,” “inner trust circle,” “I’ll bring the wood,” “cakes for days,” and “hot tub welcome committee.

Additionally, voices, presumably from the upcoming cast, are heard saying multiple hashtags including “it’s over.” Several viewers believe they heard Big Brother Canada favorite Victoria Woghiren’s voice and she “liked” many comments that rumored her appearance on the reality show.

Some fans already think she’s going to be the star of the season due to its marketing with the term “spicy,” especially as Victoria’s nickname is “Spicy Vee.” She’s remembered for frequently using the adjective during her time on the Big Brother Canada.

Other rumored influencers include Big Brother 20’s Brett Robinson, Love Island 2’s Cely Vazquez, and Survivor’s Brice Johnston. However, Netflix hasn’t revealed the official cast yet.

‘The Circle’ has crowned three winners so far

With comparisons to Big Brother, the reality competition show first premiered on Netflix in January 2020 and became successful, primarily due to the pandemic-induced worldwide lockdown.

Then 25-year-old New York native, Joey Sasso, entered the chat as himself and walked away with the grand prize. The Circle Season 2 aired in May 2021, and 32-year-old DeLeesa St. Agathe was awarded the win.

She played the game as her real-life husband, Trevor, painted him as a young single father. The Bronx native fooled nearly everyone but developed strong bonds, and they voted her the top influencer.

Most recently, 30-year-old comedian James Andre Jefferson Jr. came into the game late but played as himself. Even so, he managed to navigate his way to the end, ultimately going home with the $100,000 check. He’s the first late addition to win the series. The Circle Season 4 premieres on May 4, 2022, on Netflix.

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