The luxury dog beds that cost more than your own mattress

Fit for a princess of a pooch! The luxury dog beds that can cost more than your own mattress – including one for almost £1,000

  • Our pick of luxury dog beds range in price from around £100 to almost £1,000
  • We pick three versions with impressive credentials, including a royal connection
  • There is also one designed specifically for dogs that love to burrow 

You may not think twice about spending hundreds of pounds on a mattress or armchair for yourself, but what about for your dog?

Furniture for your favourite four-legged friend has become big business, with some dog beds costing almost £1,000. 

So what are people wanting to seriously pamper their pooch paying for? We have picked three examples of dog beds with significant price tags. 

This luxury breed of designer dog beds range from one with a royal connection, to some designed for specific needs – including dogs needing extra warmth for a cosy night’s sleep.

KzW Pet Interiors 

Hand-painted frames, from £945

These high-end dog beds from KzW Pet Interiors have hand-painted frames 

Our first pick is not only fit for a princess, but it was actually designed by one.

Austrian Princess Katalin zu Windischgraetz ran her own fashion brand in Vienna, before moving into the high end pet furniture business with KzW Pet Interiors.

She brings all of her fashion experience to the designs of her stylish dog beds, which include high-end hand-painted frames starting at £945.

However, a more affordable range is available, including the Chien Parisien dog bed, costing £88. Each bed comes with removable covers.

These beds have a much softer appearance as, unlike their more expensive counterparts, they have no wooden base. Instead, they have delicate piping and bow-styled designs.

Princess Katalin zu Windischgraetz is behind this range of high end pet furniture

The princess ran a fashion brand in Vienna and brings her fashion experience to the designs

Charley Chau Snuggle Dog Bed, from £85

This Snuggle Bed was designed specifically for dogs that love to burrow

The Charley Chau Snuggle Bed has a ‘sleeping bag’ design and a considerably more accessible price tag. 

It stems from an understanding and ‘nerdy fascination’ with how to make a dog really comfy, according to co-founder Christine Chau.

Christine set up the Charley Chau business with her sister Jenny Chau.

She said: ‘The simplest way to describe the Snuggle Bed is a super-cosy sleeping bag for dogs with a deep-filled luxury mattress in the base. Dogs can climb in and snuggle up to stay cosy and warm under the blanket top even if there’s no human there to tuck them in.’

The beauty of the Snuggle Bed is that a dog can get under the cover on their own

The Snuggle Bed was designed specifically for dogs that love to burrow. Lots of breeds have this instinct, whether it’s Terriers bred to chase after vermin in tight, dark places, Dachshunds bred to go to ground, or short-coated hounds such as Whippets and Italian Greyhounds that feel the cold easily and just want to curl up somewhere warm. 

‘The beauty of the Snuggle Bed is that a dog can get under the cover on their own – no more being woken up in the middle of the night by a cold dog crying to be covered up with a blanket,’ Christine added.

Pippa & Co 

Medium Signature bed, £350

Pippa & Co’s products are designed to look beautiful in the home, while being practical

Pippa & Co focuses on the importance of having a luxury dog bed that you can put in the washing machine.

 The company’s founder Jennifer Taylor said: ‘As owners of an energetic Weimaraner, we know the importance of being able to wash the dog beds.

‘We were fed up of throwing away dirty beds with smelly pillows, which we never liked the look of anyway. With a big dog, you can’t fit the whole bed in a washing machine, and so a creative solution was needed.

‘Our water resistant liners protect the cushion from smells and damp, and with our beds you can wash the cover and the liner, and don’t need to worry about the pillow getting wet.’

The products have been designed to look beautiful in the home, while being practical for pet owners.

Jennifer added: ‘Our blankets and sofa throws are perfect for snuggling up under after a long day in the office or muddy walk.

‘If your dog wants to join you on the sofa, they have the practical element of being machine washable. A win for the home and for your pup.’

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