The most popular eco-friendly baby names revealed – but 28% of parents deem them ‘too cringey’

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Last year the UK parliament declared a climate change emergency.

The damage we have been doing to our planet is something we can no longer ignore and most of us are at least making some efforts to alter our lifestyle to become more eco-friendly.

And what better way to show that you have made steps to help the planet, that by giving your child an green-inspired name?

Ok, we are sort of joking, but the truth is their are many gorgeous names that have sprung to popularity in recent years that allude to a green lifestyle.

So if you’re environmentally conscious, why not call your child a trendy name that sets a precedent for how they will hopefully view and treat the world.

SaveOnEnergy have looked at Nameberry’s Top Baby Names of 2020 and deciphered which green monikers are attracting the most attention in the UK.

Luna is the third most desirable girls name of 2020, and the most popular eco-friendly baby name for girls. The name is derived from the Latin word, which means the moon.

Whereas Aurora, who was the Roman goddess of the dawn, is the second most popular, garnering 230 Google searches a month.

As for boys, Oliver is the third most popular boys name of the year so far, and the most sought-after green name. It comes from the Latin word olivarius, meaning olive tree.

Jasper is the second most favoured eco name and is also the title of a green gemstone.

When SaveOnEnergy surveyed 3400 parents, 72 per cent said they would consider giving their child an eco-friendly name, whereas 28 per cent would avoid these names because they’re "too mainstream" and "cringey".

Here is the list of the most popular eco-friendly names and their meanings:


1. Luna – Derived from Latin luna (moon)

2. Aurora – Derived from the Roman goddess of dawn

3. Isla – ‘Island’ in Spanish

4. Hazel – The hazel tree

5. Ivy – The climbing evergreen plant

6. Iris – ‘Rainbow’ in Greek

7. Rose – The fragrant flower rose

8. Violet – The purple/blue flower

9. Aria – ‘Air’ in Italian

10. Chloe – ‘Blooming’ in Greek

11. Willow – The English willow tree

12. Poppy – Latin origin meaning ‘red flower’

13. Stella – ‘Star’ from Latin and Italian origin

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14. Lily – The lily flower

15. Jasmine – The jasmine flower

16. Ruby – The gemstone ruby

17. Olive – English origin meaning ‘olive tree’

18. Eden – Intimations of paradise from the Bible

19. Daisy – The daisy flower

20. Jade – The ornamental stone jade


1. Oliver – English origin meaning ‘olive tree’

2. Jasper – The gemstone jasper

3. Leo – ‘Lion’ in Greek

4. Kai – ‘Sea’ in Hawaiian

5. Atlas – An ancient God who carried the entire world on his shoulders

6. Rowan – The rowan tree

7. Phoenix – Immortal bird from Greek mythology

8. Brooks – ‘Stream’ in old English

9. River – A stream of water that flows to the sea

10. Orion – A constellation of stars

11. Ash – The ash tree

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12. Aidan – Derived from ‘aodáhn’ which means ‘fiery’ in Gaelic

13. Zephyr – ‘West wind’ in Greek

14. Fox – The fox animal

15. Basil – Derived from the B-S-L root

16. Wolf – From the German name ‘adalwolf’ meaning ‘noble wolf’

17. Forest – From French origin meaning ‘woodsman or woods’

18. Wren – Small brown songbird

19. Jett – Black gemstone

20. Pierce – Derived from the Greek word ‘petrós’ meaning ‘rock’

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