‘The Resident’ Preview: Conrad Believes His Father Has Ulterior Motives — Watch

When Marshall wants to take Conrad away for a couple of days, Conrad knows Marshall has to be up to something. Watch this EXCLUSIVE preview of the Oct. 29 episode of ‘The Resident’ now!

Conrad’s just got done with a patient when Marshall (Glenn Morshower) comes up to him to talk in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new The Resident. “You seem tired,” Marshall tells Conrad (Matt Czuchry), before asking his son whether or not he’s sleeping much. “Residents don’t get to sleep,” Conrad quips. He admits he has “no idea the last time he took a few days off.” Marshall admits he did the same thing back in the day. “Burned it at both ends until I burned out,” he says.

Marshall uses this opportunity to ask Conrad to go away for a few days. That makes Conrad pause. “I have a place in Anguilla, a condo by the beach,” Marshall says. “We could fly out for a long weekend.” Conrad knows there’s more to this than just a simple getaway. “Why did you show up for coffee tonight?” Conrad asks his father.

Marshall claims he had “business across town.” Conrad doesn’t believe his dad’s explanation, saying “I have never known you to miss an appointment.” Conrad looks his dad up and down and walks away. Guess he’s not down for that long weekend, huh?

The synopsis for the Oct. 29 episode reads: “Halloween at Chastain proves to be just as spooky as ever when Conrad is tasked with diagnosing a young woman admitted to the hospital with extreme night terrors. Meanwhile, Devon faces his first Halloween in the ER, Nic panics over her decision to bring her newly sober sister to Mina’s epic annual Halloween party and Bell finds an interesting way to make use of his new assistant.” The Resident season 2 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

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