The Thor Way: Top 10 Rules Followed By Chris Hemsworth To Gain Success

Chris Hemsworth is one of the most successful actors in Hollywood. Hailing from Australia, the actor struggled to work in Australian sitcoms and take minor roles in movies before getting his big break in Thor as The God Of Thunder. He joined the Avengers franchise, and the entire Marvel franchise has managed to earn more than $23 billion, making it the biggest franchise ever. Along with his superhero role, he also worked on hit movies such as Rush, Men In Black: International, and Extraction. Ten years after his breakthrough role in Thor, Hemsworth has amassed a $150 million net worth from his movie roles, brand endorsements, and business ventures.

Chris Hemsworth has had an inspiring journey from risking a move to America and taking minor roles in movies to grabbing the golden opportunity that helped establish his career. Let’s take a look at the ten rules he followed to become successful.

10 Make Your Dreams Your Ultimate Plan

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Chris Hemsworth was young when he knew he wanted to be an actor. When his career counselor at school asked him about his plans for the future, Chris let her know that he wanted to become an actor. When asked for a backup plan, he didn’t have any. He wanted to become an actor all his life, and he took a leap of faith to achieve it.

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9 Enjoy The Process

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When Hemsworth was cast as Thor, he didn’t have a well-versed acting background, which overwhelmed him on the Marvel Set. He was unsure whether he could do justice to the role and the franchise. It was then his co-star, Robert Downey Jr., advised him to enjoy the process rather than think about the outcome, as noted by Money INC.

8 Believe In Personal Approach

Along with working in Marvel movies, Hemsworth also starred in the 2013 action/sports movie Rush, where he played F1 racer James Hunt. As he was portraying a real person, he received multiple perspectives and opinions on playing the character. He was offered advice on tackling the role; however, he decided to study the character himself and gave an outstanding performance.

7 Overcome Anxiety

Chris Hemsworth had openly discussed his issues with anxiety when he wasn’t getting callbacks after auditions in the 2000s. At one point, he wanted to quit acting and return to Australia. According to Cheat Sheet, his anxiety levels used to spike during auditions because he had a lot of self-doubts and negative thoughts about himself. He analyzed his fears and worked on them to improve himself.

6 Keep Pursuing Until Results Are Achieved

Chris Hemsworth grew up in a coastal town called Byron Bay in Australia. Having an unconventional upbringing, his path to becoming a movie star was not noticeable. As he watched his parents work hard on an Aborigine Farm, it sparked his imagination to pursue acting as a career to give them a better life by working hard.

5 Work With People That Inspire

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Hemsworth also credits his success to the people he has worked with over the years. Working with the MCU, he got the opportunity to learn from actors like Anthony Hopkins, who was his childhood idol, Robert Downey Jr., and Kenneth Branagh. He also got the chance to collaborate with his friends Taika Waititi and Emily Blunt through movies.

4 Take Creative Risks

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With the idea to not get stereotyped as an action movie star, Chris Hemsworth expanded his acting abilities by starring in thrillers and comedies. He bagged the role of Billy Lee in the neo-noir thriller Bad Times At The El Royale in 2018, where his performance was highly appreciated, as stated by Screen Rant. He showed off his natural comedic timing by playing a supporting role in the all-female remake of Ghostbusters.

3 Build A Healthy Work Ethic

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He is a prime example of how a good work ethic can be an essential factor in achieving success. Since playing the character of Thor, Hemsworth knew he had to work hard to achieve the physical shape of the God Of Thunder. He was determined to achieve his target, and he still works hard before any big project by following a proper workout regimen and eating healthy.

2 Work With Enthusiasm

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Working with great directors like Joss Whedon, Taika Waititi, and Kenneth Branagh, Hemsworth understood the importance of handling tasks and having fun at the same time. He realized the importance of creating an infectious enthusiasm to motivate others to perform their best. As mentioned by Insider, Hemsworth and Taika are long-time friends, and the actor has had fun putting his inputs into the Thor movies to make them better.

1 Love Your Work

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The last on the list is an essential aspect of being an actor. Chris Hemsworth loves to have fun on sets and while promoting his movies. He is known to goof around on sets, and his charming character is seen on screen during the press junkets. He makes a lasting impression with his humor and charm that people remember long after meeting him.

From dealing with mental pressure and almost giving up to becoming a successful actor that makes millions, Chris Hemsworth paved the way for success by working hard and keeping himself fit and healthy. As he marches with the rules to success, he has several movies lined up for releases, including Extraction 2 and Thor: Love And Thunder.

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