This Makeup Artist Used An Ice Cube As A Beauty Blender & It’s A Super Cool Hack

Squishy, spongy, and egg-shaped makeup blenders are essential tools in most makeup kits. They work well with everything from foundation to concealer to lotion. There are tons of options on the market in different sizes, colors, and materials. Online MUA Ashley Blue DeDFrancesco used an ice cube as a beauty blender and primer. No, really. What a "cool" hack.

The beauty vlogger claimed in the caption of her video post that ice does indeed work wonders as a primer, saying it shrinks pores. Hey, if it works, it works. A cold block of ice will surely wake up your senses and perhaps your skin.

This is such a low key hack for priming skin. It’s also super affordable since all you need is water and an ice cube tray. You can save a little money on a blending sponge, primer, and/or a pore reducer in favor of things already in your kitchen.

In the clip, the adorbs MUA, who has powder pink hair and goes by the @ashleybluedef handle, showed off the giant square of ice. We can see it start to melt from the body heat of her hand. She proceeded to rub the ice all over her bare face before she added her concealer, foundations, and other products.

That’s one big block of ice and a clever hack.

Ice-as-skin-care is such a thing in this video. Substituting ice for both a blender and a primer is sorta brilliant.

The MUA also squeezed some liquid foundation on her ice block but doesn’t appear to use it to actually apply the product — at least not in this cut of video. Perhaps that was for effect — since already wet makeup products on a melting ice cube could get pretty gooey and messy on the quick. Who knows — it sure looked cool, though. She seems to have been playing around, too.

Don’t you just love this goofy video? DeFrancesco grooved to the music and gave off such a playful and fun vibe. It seems like a foregone conclusion that you’d have so much fun doing your makeup next to her.

The post accrued lots of comments — with some people noting that using everything and anything as a blender is so 2016. That’s not entirely untrue. A few years ago, creative bloggers were using things like, um, body parts, and the soles of stilettos as makeup blenders. They were using bottle caps as eyeliner guides, too. While those sorts of "techniques" have fallen off as of late, they were still fine to watch and marvel at.

That said, DeFrancesco’s video generated several comments about how ice can shrink pores. So, the ice cube was more of a preparatory step than an applicatory one. BTW, DeFrancesco probably didn’t use the foundation that she poured on the ice because it would have been a melty makeup mess.

You can and should always be careful before putting anything on your face and be mindful of how your own skin reacts to thinks like temperature. However, using ice to prime the face and shrink the pores isn’t the most unusual thing in the world. You may have found your new fave hack.

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