This New ‘Stranger Things 3’ Clip Teases A Scandalous Summer In Hawkins

If Mrs. Wheeler’s decision that Billy looked like the model on the cover of a romance novel wasn’t enough, it looks like her friends are leaning in to his attractiveness, too. The new Stranger Things 3 clip shows Mike and Nancy’s mom, along with her friends, at the pool watching Billy as he walks over to the lifeguard chair.

The whole thing is pretty uncomfortable — these are grown women lusting after a high school student — but the scene is definitely over-the-top. And Billy seems to enjoy being the center of attention, as he walks in slow-mo over to his lifeguard perch.

Aside from the general thirst of the trailer, it also hints that Billy will be a bigger character in Season 3. The anger-fueled teen joined the show last season, when he and his stepsister Max moved to Hawkins.

Billy hasn’t been a huge part of the show so far — he’s mostly just been an object of desire for Mrs. Wheeler and a bully to his step-sibling. For some reason (likely racism), Billy staunchly opposed Max’s friendship with Lucas, often yelling at her for spending time with him. But it looks like his Season 3 arc will go beyond that, with Billy taking on a local job and interacting with his fellow teens.

More to come…

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