This Video Will Make You Consider Adding Rain Tornados to Your List of Fears

As if hurricanes, polar vortexes, and regular tornados weren’t enough to make you fear mother nature, she came in and dropped a whole other weather phenomenon on us that will make you put some respect on her name.

While Massachusetts is experiencing tornado warnings, residents were treated (?) to a view of a tornado-waterspout hybrid that you definitely wouldn’t want to be caught in.

Locals and newscasters caught the formation on camera just as it touched down over the Cape Cod Canal, and it looks like the funnel was sucking up the water and spitting it out into the sky.

In some areas, the rain turned into hail while it was in the funnel and fell down onto people’s yards.

A LOT of hail in North Bookfield from James Calamare. #wbz

Eric Fisher, the chief meteorologist at WBZ-TV, said this is a rare sight that was seen from miles away. “We don’t see very clear views of funnels in southern New England too often,” he explained. “This is one of the clearest ones that I can remember around the area in the last few years.”

Technically this isn’t a tornado because it was over the water, but if it had hit the ground, it would’ve become one. Still just as scary, though!

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