Three Abandoned Rescue Kittens Born Without Eyelids to Get Sight-Saving Surgery

The future is bright for Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. 

The three kitten siblings all have a rare condition called agenesis, which means the trio was born without eyelids. Without surgical intervention, the kittens, who are unable to blink, will eventually lose their sight. 

All of the baby cats were found abandoned outside in late September without collars or microchips. The were picked up by a concerned animal lover and brought to Randolph Animal Hospital in Randolph, Massachusetts. The medical center cared for the felines for several weeks before ultimately transferring the kittens to MSPCA-Angell in Boston.

At MSPCA, the 10-week-old kittens have access to the organization’s Angell Animal Medical Center and ophthalmologist Dr. Martin Coster. Dr. Coster has performed sight-saving surgeries for other MSPCA pets, and knows he can help these kittens.

This year, two of the kittens will have an operation where slivers from their lower lips will be removed and transferred to the muscles used for blinking. This surgery will replace their eyelids, and allow the pets to blink and keep their eyes hydrated.

The last kitten, Marie, whose agenesis is not as severe, will go through less invasive cryotherapy surgery next week. 

These are procedures Dr. Coster has performed before for purring patients, including a cat named Phil, who went through an eyelid replacement in 2014 and is now a happy and healthy 4-year-old feline.

Dr. Coster is donating his time to help these kittens, but the three surgeries will still cost $5,000. MSPCA-Angell is paying for the procedures using Spike’s Fund, a fund that pays the medical care costs of homeless animals in the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center. Unfortunately, after a busy year of helping adoptable animals in need of medical help, the fund is almost depleted. 

If you would like to donate to help Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse’s pay their medical bills and find forever homes, you can contribute at the MSPCA’s website. 

“Any donations we receive will be used to offset the cost of the kittens’ surgery and to administer ongoing veterinary care for animals like them,” MSPCA-Angell adoption center associate director, Anna Rafferty-Fore, said in a statement.  “We’re hopeful that our community will keep supporting our good work so we can continue going above and beyond for the animals in our care.” 

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