Thug who killed man with saucepan mocked police as he lay on car with beer can

A convicted murderer is sprawled across the bonnet of a police car while raising a can of beer to the camera in this snap mocking the force.

The photo of thug Luke Hainsworth was taken a year ago but it emerged as he began a prison sentence this week for killing Scott McKay with a saucepan.

Mr McKay, 41, was hit so hard over the head that the saucepan's handle "snapped off", and he was also beaten with a broom handle, kicked and stamped on at his home in Hull, East Yorks.

Hainsworth, 30, was jailed for at least 16 years after being found guilty of the July 6 murder, while his accomplice, Jason Shreeve, will serve a minimum of 19 years, HullLive reports.

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The website published the photo showing Hainsworth sprawled across the Humberside Police car with a beer can in his hand.

Hainsworth had 22 previous offences on his record at the time of the "gratuitously excessive" attack. Shreeve, 42, had 152 and had recently served time for stealing a woman's wedding ring, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Mr McKay, a philosophy and politics university graduate, was bludgeoned in his home when his killers let themselves in.

Shreeve was looking to settle a grievance with Mr McKay's housemate after giving them £10 for beer but they never returned, the court heard.

Mr McKay asked Hainsworth and Shreeve to leave the house, but they attacked him in the kitchen with a saucepan and broom handle.

The victim stumbled into the street, where his killers pushed him to the kerb, knocking him unconscious, and began kicking and stamping on his head.

CCTV showed Shreeve walking away from the murder scene wearing a a blood-soaked T-shirt and holding a beer can in his hand.

Mr McKay was rushed to hospital, where he died nine days later of injuries including a fractured skull and a bleed on the brain.

The killers bragged about the attack later that night and tried to hide their clothing at Shreeve's home nearby.

Speaking after the case, Mr McKay's half-brother Ryan Cousins, who was by his side when he died, said: "These convictions will never be able to bring Scott back.

"He was a kind and thoughtful brother who never deserved to be killed in these circumstances, and who will be sorely missed by everyone that knew him.

“We want to thanks the emergency services and hospital for trying to save Scott’s life.

"We also want to thank the police for supporting us and for securing the convictions of these two dangerous men so they will never put any other families through what we have been through."

Detective Inspector Alan Curtis, who led the investigation, said: “Mr McKay suffered a violent and unprovoked assault at the hands of Shreeve and Hainsworth.

“This was not a case of self-defence. This was a murderous act committed by two cowardly and violent individuals who intended, at the very least, to cause serious injuries to Scott McKay.

"The tragic result of those intentions was that Scott lost his life."

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