Tinder Wants To Help You Meet Someone At Your Next Music Festival

Last Thursday, Tinder introduced Festival Mode, a new feature that allows users to connect with fellow concertgoers before arriving at Governors Ball, Bonnaroo and Firefly, among other music festivals.

“Music festivals unite people around a common passion — music,” Tinder, which currently has over 3.7 million paid subscribers, up 81 percent over the same quarter in 2017, says. “The app often sees a significant surge in activity throughout each unforgettable weekend.”

The idea, developed with the help of AEG Worldwide and Live Nation, is the dating app’s latest attempt to tailor the online social experience. Tinder, launched in 2012, originally boasted a broad base of online relationship possibilities, which vastly exceeded traditional dating venues like bars or clubs. Now, the app is trying to narrow its focus.

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Last August, the app launched TinderU, a feature for college students that offers Spring Break Mode for users traveling to popular vacation spots like Cabo or Fort Lauderdale. The initiative was geared to help spring breakers with similar interests and goals to meet up.

These new offerings allow users to filter connections in a specific venue in order to keep their matches isolated from the larger zip code. In September, Tinder, owned by the dating conglomerate the Match Group, appointed Jenny Campbell as its chief marketing officer. Campbell will expand the experiential marketing campaigns, such as Festival Mode, that target user participation, rather than traditional interactions, which have lost appeal for younger audiences.

In an interview earlier his year, Campbell noted the developments at Facebook when explaining the changes at Tinder. She said that nowadays younger users are reticent to share too much information about themselves. “They’re looking for some of these smaller group settings,” she said.

Take a break from studying for midterms and visit our IG story. Starting today, head to Tinder to activate Spring Break mode to let potential matches know where you’re headed in advance so that your parents don't yell at you for using all of the family data plan later. #TinderU

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Tinder, which has taken into account usage spikes during large events like the Olympics and spring break, hopes to customize the dating experience at music festivals after seeing an increase in usage at events like Bonnaroo in 2018.

Users attending music festivals will have the option to swipe on Festival Mode cards to access the feature. This will add a badge to their profile that categorizes them as attendees of a particular festival like the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, or Parklife in Manchester, England. Additionally, users can use the feature at their own discretion and are free to expand their selection beyond the confines of the festival.

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