Toblerone and Smarties chocolate pizza goes on sale in Asda for £8

If you're constantly debating whether it's time for chocolate or pizza, well now you're in luck.

Supermarket giant Asda has released a pizza which is a tasty combination of salt and sweet.

For £8, foodies can get their hands on the Toblerone and Smarties pizza which sounds way too good to be true.

Or if you're planning to treat the whole family, you can get three pizzas for the price of the two at the supermarket.

To enjoy the treat, you'll need to slightly grease the skillet, add two tablespoons of water to the dough and then spread the chocolate mix on top.

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Then add the milk chocolate beans or the Swiss chocolate and later decorate it with marshmallows.

Each pizza needs roughly around 15 minutes in the oven before you can enjoy.

The treats were shared by the Money Saver OnlineFacebook group and it's getting a lot of praise online.

One user said: "Toblerone and pizza… heavenly."

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While another joked with her pal: "Our diet is out the window."

The Toblerone and Smarties pizzas are available at Asda stores and online.

If you're worried about piling on the pounds, just bear in mind the pizza dough with chocolate chip contains 398 calories per 100g.

The marshmallows, however, contain 330 calories in the same amount so you're winning.

Meanwhile, the Toblerone pizza is the unhealthier of the two as the Swiss chocolate contains a whopping 535 calories per 100g, while the Smarties are only 478 calories.

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Yesterday, Home Bargains left shoppers outraged by the "ridiculous" price of a giant Toblerone.

The bar, which is 4.5kg and is around 80cm long, is flogging in stores and online for an eye-watering £49.

Customers were mortified by the price, with one writing: "Who in their right mind would pay that amount for a chocolate bar, especially a cheap one like that."

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