Toddlers break into mum's office and create giant artwork on her floor

Kids can get up to all sorts if you turn your back for a few minutes.

And one mum had that sinking feeling when she found her two toddlers in her office after they’d managed to find the paint supplies.

She took to the internet asking for advice on how to clean up the artwork they’d made right across the floor.

She caught them as they threw purple, black, blue, red and green paint across the grey carpet.

Posting a photograph on Facebook, she said: ‘What do I do, where do I start? It’s not dry yet.’

And others were quick to give advice. Some said it could be saved, while others told her to just replace the whole thing.

A few told her to call in the professionals as they would have the proper tools to help.

‘Call a carpet cleaner. Don’t touch it,’ one mum said.

Another added: ‘Cry, call a carpet cleaner, pour a wine.’

‘My kids did this recently and I texted my carpet cleaner, yes I know them that well, and he said to leave it and he would get it out next time,’ someone else said.

Others gave their own cleaning remedies.

‘Kids have water colour paint so it looks bad but it will come out,’ one said.

Another suggestion was to combine the same amount of water and vinegar with a tablespoon of washing up detergent to get it out.

Others said she should think about turning that room into the kids’ room so it doesn’t matter if they create more mess.

And some said to try her home insurance to get another one.

But one parent simply said: ‘I would honestly just rip the carpet up in the whole room.’

‘I would just rip that straight up. There is no saving that, sorry,’ another said.

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