Traveller sisters urge people not to ‘tar all travellers with the same brush’

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Traveller sister Caitlin Mac and Lizzy have urged people not to 'tar all travellers with the same brush'.

The plea comes as the siblings admitted they disguise their Irish accents when booking restaurants in case they're turned away.

The sisters from St Albans, have gained popularity on TikTok – racking up 152,000 followers on the social media site.

They are known for posting clips which give an insight into life as an Irish traveller on the platform.

The pair, who go by the name 'Caravan Queens' online, spoke about their internet fame on ITV's This Morning this week.

Opening up to hosts Dermot O'Leary and Alison Hammond, they said they're often turned away from restaurants who either say they're fully booked or outright tell them they won't serve travellers.

Lizzie said: "If we book a restaurant and then we get there, they'll say: 'We're fully booked'. That's the kinder version of saying: 'You're not coming in', when it's clearly empty."

Caitlin added: "The less kind version is saying get out, you're travellers, we're not serving p***y."

Lizzie said they're turned away based on their appearance and accents.

Cat then admitted that they've had to "master doing a different accent" if they "don't want hassle".

She added: "Don't tar everyone with the same brush. We are all individual people and if you've had a bad experience with one person don't think we're all the same, because we're not.

"In every community, race, ethnicity, we're all individuals. You wouldn't do that to a different ethnicity group so it shouldn't be okay to do that with travellers."

The pair have used TikTok to dispel myths about the traveller community, such as the idea that travellers don't have a permanent residence.

Speaking from their St Albans home, Lizzie said: "We've been here for nearly ten years and we don't travel around.

"Like we go on holiday sometimes, but we don't pack up everything and leave and most travellers don't do that anymore, there's a percentage of travellers who do do travelling – but every traveller I know doesn't do that."

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As well as TikTok, the sisters have filmed a six-part series on YouTube revealing everything about travellers.

In the latest episode, the siblings spill the beans on curfews, strict dating rules and even marriage.

According to Caitlin and Lizzy, the rules of having a boyfriend are different in each family, although the two are both allowed to date.

However, if the sister, who are both currently single, are going out to meet a guy, there will be a curfew.

Dating apps, including Tinder, are also not allowed within the travelling community, according to the pair.

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