Twitter Jokes About Reports That Meghan Markle’s Knees Resemble Princess Charlotte’s Face

For one reason or another, someone thought they spotted Princess Charlotte’s face in Meghan Markle’s knees, and the story was covered by various U.K. press outlets, including Metro, The Sun, and The Daily Express, according to The speculation started when Meghan stepped out in a white dress and cream jacket for the Mayhew animal welfare charity a few days ago. A photo of the duchess as she stepped out of her car came under great scrutiny, with publications claiming that it’s possible to see the resemblance of little Charlotte’s face.

Twitter had some things to say about this claim, with many people noting that it was an attempt to distract people from the Brexit news.

“The Brexit fight might be plunging Britain into insanity and chaos, but at least their press is keeping a tight grip on what’s truly important.”

On the other hand, one user joked, “***turns off internet***” while another said, “I have no words.” For others, it was “the most absurd clickbait I’ve ever seen,” with someone else noting that this is “Absolute b*llocks.” Additionally, wanted to know the following.

“Who are these eagle-eyed fans? Why were they staring intensely at the Duchess’ kneecaps, rather than her lovely smiling face or pregnant belly?”

Perhaps with all of the negative press surrounding Meghan that’s been released in the past weeks, it’s not too surprising to read this news. At the same time, it left many wondering what the purpose of this speculation was, considering that it doesn’t seem many fans actually “see” Princess Charlotte’s face themselves. This is perhaps a good example of the high level of scrutiny Meghan is under as Prince Harry’s new wife.

And for those who were hoping for a second look at her knees again, they were waiting in vain, as Markle was spotted wearing a trendy outfit yesterday including ripped jeans, detailed Harper’s Bazaar. In addition, she wore a navy pea coat and gold-rimmed aviators. Her hair was also pulled back in a low messy bun.

Only time will tell if the speculation about Meghan’s knees will return in the future. For now, fans can look forward to the royal baby sometime in April. Unsurprisingly, the soon-to-be parents are very excited for he or she to arrive, according to Town and Country Magazine.

“Behind the scenes, she and Harry are really happy at the moment. They are super excited about the spring birth of their baby.”

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