One of the Spanish-speaking world’s biggest sales forces, Film Factory Entertainment has swooped on sales rights to thriller “Two” (“Duo”), directed by Mar Targarona and the latest production from top Spanish genre auteur producer Rodar y Rodar.

Producer of two milestone titles of Spain’s genre auteur scene  – J.A Bayona’s “The Orphanage” and Guillem Morales’ “Julia’s Eyes,” Targarona has built her own directorial career on suspense thrillers that prove unexpected and unpredictable in tone and resolution, such as 2016’s “Boy Missing” and “The Photographer of Mauthausen” – part true-events inspired record, part edge-of-set entertainment –  in particular drawing strong notices.  “Two” looks no exception. Its singular premise sees two strangers, a man and a woman in their 30s, wake up in an unknown place, naked and glued to each other by their stomachs. They struggle to understand how and why they got there – becoming increasingly terrified as they discover clues and the truth emerges.

A suspense thriller, said Targarona, “Two” also has dashes of horror and a touch humor, a “cocktail of emotions and sensations, sometimes contradictory, but hopefully interesting once they’re stirred up,” she added.

“Two” stars Marina Gatell, whose credits include Agustín Villaronga’s “Born King” and Paul Morrison’s “Little Ashes,” and Pablo Derqui, best known for “Julia’s Eyes” and Spanish TV series “Isabel.”

Film Factory sold Targarona’s “Boy Missing” and “The Photographer of Mauthausen.”

“We are delighted to once again accompany Rodar y Rodar and Mar Targarona on her new production. We firmly believe in the originality and appeal of ‘Two.’ It will seduce and impact the viewer in equal parts,” Film Factory’s Vicente Canales told Variety.

The feature is written by former Bigas Luna’s regular scribe Cuca Canals and co-written by deputy Sitges fest director Mike Hostench and film director Christian Molina (“Diary of a Nymphomaniac”).

“Two” was lensed by Rafa Lluch (Simon Brand’s “Paraíso Travel”) and the soundtrack composed by Diego Navarro (David Xarach’ “Corporation Earth”). The feature is ready for release.

According to Targarona, “Two’s” shoot was memorable, in part thanks to COVID-19. “Nobody on the team, not least the actors, was sure that we’d make it. A three week shoot in the middle of a pandemic,” she commented.

“How would the actors walk together? Would it be too funny or awkward? Monotonous and boring? Obscene or unpleasant? And the VFX?” she asked. “I can now say,” she added, “that it proved exciting.”

Targarona is currently in pre-production on her next feature as a director, “The Cuckoo”— a new thriller co-produced with Germany and written by Alfred Pérez Fargas and Roger Danés, (“The Photographer of Mauthausen”).

John Hopewell contributed to his article.

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