Upscale sex club Snctm plots Black Death-themed Halloween party

New York’s handling of the whole pandemic has been a giant clusterf–k — so why not just go ahead and hold a proper one?

Way back at the beginning of the outbreak, Page Six reported that notorious upscale sex club Snctm was planning to hold an orgy in the city regardless of the burgeoning viral catastrophe — then pulled out at the last minute.

Now we’re told they’re back — with a bang, naturally.

The group — which has reportedly hosted Gywneth Paltrow and Bill Maher at its feisty fêtes in the past — has been (probably not-all-that) quietly hosting small events for the past month, and it’s planning another bacchanal for Halloween, we’re told.

“They’ve been keeping a low profile since their return, testing the waters of hosting safely in this new world,” said an insider. “Thus far, they’ve held two events since returning from hiatus, all with COVID rapid testing of every person who enters the premises.”

We’re told that they’re using temperature checks and Quidel’s Sofia swab tests, which Snctm says have a “reported sensitivity greater than 97 percent.”

Invitations to the two events in September and the Halloween party — which is, appropriately, Black Death-themed — say the normal “armed security will be augmented at the door by a board-certified physician and his team performing SARS-CoV-2 rapid testing.” They also cut capacity to 30 guests.

So far, they hosted an erotic dinner and a party featuring shibari, “the art of Japanese bondage ropework.”

Asked if people were still having sex at the parties in spite of the pandemic, a spokesperson told us, “I would say thus far the behavior of our guests within the parties has indicated a great pent-up demand for our events, and an appreciation of the precautions we have undertaken.”

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