Vegans rejoice as Birds Eye releases meat-free 'chicken' dippers

Vegans rejoice as Birds Eye releases meat-free ‘chicken’ dippers made from pea protein that taste ‘just like the real thing’

  • Birds Eye chicken-free dippers have gone on sale at a range of UK supermarkets 
  • Frozen food brand is selling the vegan-friendly meat alternative for £2.50
  • Social media users are rejoicing on Twitter about the ‘exceptional’ dish

Birds Eye fans have taken to social media to rejoice about the release of the brands first vegan versions of its famous chicken range. 

The frozen foods specialist has delighted shoppers with the announcement of its new chicken-free dippers, available for £2.50 from a selection of UK supermarkets including Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Asda, with Tesco set to stock the products from the 26th October.

Posting on Twitter, social media users have revealed they’re eager to try the new dippers, with many admitting they’ve already filled their freezer with the dippers, which are made from pea protein. 

The new range of vegan-friendly foods from Birds Eye also includes Chicken-free Nuggets and Chicken-free Southern Fried Strips, made from a meat substitute that is rich in pea protein. 

BirdsEye has introduced vegan-friendly ‘chicken’ dippers (pictured) as part of their new Green Cuisine range on sale in UK supermarkets

BirdsEye took to Twitter, revealing the new meat-free dippers are ideal for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians 

Birds Eye who are famous for their Crispy Chicken Dippers, claim there hasn’t been a suitable replacement for chicken before now, but insist they’ve managed to recreate the taste and texture of the dinnertime staple. 

Posting a photograph on social media of the dippers paired with vegetables and chips, the brand declared they’re ideal for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians.

Excited, one person wrote: ‘Birds Eye making vegan chicken dippers is the best thing that’s happened to me this year, I currently have three boxes in my freezer.’

Another said: ‘I will pay an obscene amount of money for someone in Leeds to drop me off a pack of the Birds Eye vegan chicken dippers because we didn’t add any to our online shop’ 

A third added: ‘Can’t explain how excited I am to try Birds Eye vegan chicken dippers’ 

A stream of social media users gushed that they’re eagerly rushing out to stock pile foods from the new vegan-friendly range 

A fourth wrote: ‘The dippers are so real it’s scary! That’s a good thing!’ 

Anne-Marie Gayer who is the Senior Brand Manager at Birds Eye, said: ‘We know families have enjoyed our great tasting chicken product range for generations, and our Chicken Dippers in particular are a firm favourite at dinner tables across the nation. 

‘But with more families than ever now cutting down on meat, we don’t want anyone to miss out on the great taste. 

‘We have spent a long time perfecting a vegan recipe that offers the same delicious taste and texture of our iconic chicken pieces, and are confident that our new Green Cuisine Chicken-free range does just that – all powered by plants!’.

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